2020 Richest Football Clubs


10.Juventus (Italy) -€459.7 million

Since the arrival of five-time ballon D’or winner Cristiano Ronaldo to the Serie A side Juventus, they have reached an increase in Jersey sales as well as an increase in stock price.

The Portuguese have also brought a huge amount of attention to the Italian league and Juventus. Ronaldo’s factor had a significant effect in revenue which increased by €64.8 million to the tune of €459.7 million. That was enough to catapult the side back once more, to the top 10 clubs with the most revenue generated.

9.Chelsea (England) – €513.1 million

Due to absence from the champions league last season, Chelsea’s broadcast and matchday revenue decreased by €4 million and €7 million respectively and they slipped one place as their revenue remained stagnant.

8.Tottenham (England) – €521.1 million

Due to their superb run to the champions league final, they overtook both Arsenal and Chelsea to be the richest club in London after posting their record revenue. Their run to the champions league final and the move to their new 62,000 seater stadium triggered their record revenue.

7.Liverpool (England) – €604.7 million

Liverpool enjoyed a bumper year due to their Champions League glory and they are endless pursue the English premier league title. Their revenue grew by 17 percent due to the £41 million and £35 million increase in their broadcast and commercial revenue.

6.Manchester City (England) – €610.3 million

The premier league back to back winners saw a decrease in position on the list.But they did record revenue and a new kit deal with Puma which is likely to boost them back to their rightful position this year.

5.Paris Saint Germain (France) – €635.9 million

The French champions gained a double-digit percentage growth across all their three major revenue stream as they won their fifth consecutive league titles. The biggest increase came in commercial income, which rose by €50m.

4.Bayern Munich (Germany) – €660.1 million

The German giant broadcast revenue grew by 20 percent while the matchday revenue fell by 11 percent. They also recorded a five percent rise in their revenue as they won a seventh consecutive Bundesliga title.

3.Manchester United (England) – €711.5 million

Manchester United profited from their Europa League campaign, they saw a revenue increase to just six percent.

Their stagnating fortunes on the pitch have left their status as England’s to the richest club looking vulnerable.

2.Real Madrid (Spain) – €757.3 million

Due to the loss of their star Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid has fallen behind their league rivals Barcelona and has only recorded just one percent revenue increase in their year without the five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

1.Barcelona (Spain) – €840.8 million

Barcelona’s revenue increased immensely as they won the Spanish LaLiga for the eighth time in 11 years.

Outside the pitch, an upgrade in commercial strategy regarding licensing and merchandising contributed to a huge €150m uplift.

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