5 Elite Footballers Who Lose Their Temper On The Big Stage

Did you know of any elite footballer with bad temper?

The game of football is undoubtedly a sport filled with passion and emotion, in that sense sometimes it get a bit violent and when that happens adrenaline could set in.

So no matter how passionate or cool a footballer is on the field of play, there is always a moment of rush of blood to the head, where they lose their cool or temper through rough tackle or offensive abuses from opponent.

Below are top elite footballers who lost temper on the big stage

Zinedine Zidane – (Real Madrid Manager)

Top Legend Footballers Who Lose Their Temper On The Big Stage

Football enthusiast all over the globe, without doubt would unanimously agreed to the fact that, the former Les Blues midfielder his one of the best footballers the world has ever seen played the round lather game.

Zizuo as he is often called, isn’t one of those player known for violence act on the pitch, however his one player that isn’t far from losing it when roughly foul or frustrated.

The iconic incident that happened at the World Cup final in 2006, between Zidane and Marco Materazzi would continue to be one of the adrenaline moment of Zidane’s incredible career.

Zidane was frustrated through some of the unacceptable words spoken by the former Italy’s defender which led to his sent off.

Zidane was shown a red card after headbutting Marco Materazzi in the final at the 2006 World Cup between France and Italy, who won the trophy following a triumphant penalty shoot out.

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Top Legend Footballers Who Lose Their Temper On The Big Stage

David Beckham – (Inter Miami’s Owner)

Top Legend Footballers Who Lose Their Temper On The Big Stage

England’s legend David Beckham and former Argentina’s combative midfielder Simeone clash was a moment that defined another disappointment for the Three Lions at a World Cup finals.

The current Rojiblancos boss was involved in arguably the most controversial incident of the former Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, and AC Milan midfielder career at the 1998 World Cup in France.

Beckham was sent off for kicking Simeone in a loss to the Albiceleste national team which saw England exited the competition, having been fouled by the Argentine Simeone.

After the exit of English national team at the World Cup, David Beckham became a hate figure back home because some of the English fans believed, their darling team wouldn’t have exited the tournament had it been he didn’t kicked Simeone.

However, Beckham’s calmness and level of leadership on and off the pitch did helped him won the trust and love of the fans, which did resulted in him been named England captain and did went on to be one of their legend.

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Romario de Souza Faria – (Politician)

Top Legend Footballers Who Lose Their Temper On The Big Stage

The legend himself, nicknamed Baixinho or Shorty his undoubtedly one of the deadliest striker in the history of the game.

Right from his young age he’s always been in trouble, and as one of the finest the world of football has ever seen Romario scored over 1,000 goals in a career that spanned 24 years and a dozens clubs.

While nobody could deny his prowess in front of goal, Romario’s temperament was often his undoing and often get him into trouble.

Having joined the Blaugrana in 1994 following an impressive stint in the Eredivisie with PSV Eindhoven, Baixinho lamped Sevilla’s Diego Simeone with a left hook so brutal it got him a five match ban from LaLiga FA.

Romario’s five match ban didn’t come as a surprise to many, because he was known to be player who was never far from controversy.

Although Simeone is also a very tough player who loves to frustrate his opponent for his team benefit, however Romario’s temper in that particular match between Sevilla and Barcelona at the Sanchez Pizjuan in 1994 did brought to fore how bad negative temperament could affect a player.

Eric Cantona – (Actor)


Top Legend Footballers Who Lose Their Temper On The Big Stage

During a 1-1 draw at Selhurt Park in 1995, the former Manchester United forward lost his cool and crossed the line to launched a karate kick at a Crystal Palace supporter Matthew Simmons.

The Old Trafford side were the defending champions of the league then, travelled to Selhurt Park on a winter Wednesday night seeking to catch then Premier League leader Blackburn.

At the time of match, Palace were a side immersed in a relegation battle, in that regard then Palace manager Alan Smith had recognized Cantona’s threat and asked defender Richard Shaw to stick to the Frenchman like a rash.

As the match tempo and emotion got to it’s uppermost rage, Cantona and Shaw were involved in a series of clashes during the first half.

As both teams re-emerged in the second half, then United manager Sir Alex apparently complained to the referee Wilkie to his job. However, Wilkie didn’t budge as the Frenchman decided to take matters into his own hands.

So when he was leaving the pitch he responded with a flying kick to the Palace fan who insulted him after been sent off by Wilkie.

Though the Frenchman was notable for his disciplinary problems his whole career, however that doesn’t mean he should tolerate an insult from a fan, but then he ought to have left the authority to take action on the issue.

Hristo Stoichkov – (Manager)

Top Legend Footballers Who Lose Their Temper On The Big Stage

The Bulgarian legend his well renowned for his fiery temper and mesmerizing skill during his amazing career. The former Barcelona man ego and temper did summed up his greatness, no wonder he was nicknamed the “Dagger”.

Stoichkov attacking genius was the scourge of defences and officials during his days, all thanks to his incredible skill and explosive temper which often got him into trouble.

He was best known for his time with the Blaugrana, however his scuffle with rivals players and referees left with broken legs wouldn’t forget him in a hurry.Top Legend Footballers Who Lose Their Temper On The Big Stage

In the Super Cup first leg between Barcelona and Real Madrid in 1990, the Bulgarian legend goes down under a challenge from Los Blancos defender Chendo with five minutes left.

However, as referee Urizar Azpitarte waved play on, then Barcelona manager late Johan Cruyff raced off the bench to remonstrate but was booked with a red card.

Stoichkov reacted angrily and he stormed over referee Azpitarte, and stamped on his foot which left the man in agony.



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