5 Of Europe’s Top-Flight Teams With Best Defence

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Ever wondered which of Europe’s top teams has the best, tough and solid defence in their respective leagues this season?

Football has always been about defence and attack, in that sense the importance of a good defence in football is often downplay, even though goals win a game however if a team fails to protect it’s rearguard that could put the team in jeopardy.

Quite a number of successful teams in Europe have had a solid defence to complement their attack, though successes in that sense might be relative. For some team a solid and tough defence has won them title, while it’s has also helps some avoid relegation.

Having said that, today on Sportyleagues we’ll explore Europe’s top five teams with the best defence this season.

5 Of Europe’s Top-Flight Teams With Best Defence

Glasgow Rangers – (Scotland, 6 Goals, 23 Matches)

5 Of Europe's Top-Flight Teams With Best Defence

Before the appointment of Steven Gerrard as Glasgow Rangers manager in 2018, the Ibrox club are comfortably playing second fiddle to their arch rival Celtic. However since the former Liverpool captain was pronounced the manager of Rangers it’s has been a meteoric raise for the side.

When the Kop hero arrived at Ibrox in 2018, Rangers are no doubt a team in shambles defensively. So coming into his biggest job after retirement, many felt it’s going to be a difficult task for Gerrard to make the Gers one of the tough team to beat again in Scotland, and perhaps in Europe.

However, since then Rangers defence has experience a great improvement, though the 2019-20 campaign can’t be said to be a semblance of what their defence looks like this season. However so far in the current campaign, the Gers are rank first as Europe’s team with the best defence, and all thanks to Gerrard’s coaching and hard work which has incredibly improves the team in entirety.

As such, if they continue with this momentum, keep it tight behind and also keep up racking up the point, then the Scottish title it’s theirs to win.

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Atletico Madrid – (Spain, 6 Goals, 16 Matches)

5 Of Europe's Top-Flight Teams With Best Defence

Season in, season out Diego Simeone’s side are well known for their defensive solidity. As such this season also, El Cholo has managed to get more out of his team going forward and defensive wise, as they sit pretty well on top of LaLiga.

This season the Rojiblancos has conceded just six times in 16 games which makes them rank second behind Glasgow Rangers of Scotland. The red side of Madrid has been impenetrable as ever this campaign, all thanks to the team hard work, intensity, and most importantly the hard of the back four.

Atletico are quite impressive when it’s comes to stopping opposition, and without mincing word we could say this act has always been part and parcel of team. When an important player in the backline left, Simeone do know how to fix the missing link and that has also come to play in their defence this season, as they have only conceded six.

Paris Saint Germain – (France, 11 Goals, 19 Matches)

5 Of Europe's Top-Flight Teams With Best Defence

If winning a silverware at the end of a campaign is down to solid, tough, and reliable defence, then we could say the Parisian would win the Ligue 1 crown at the end of the season. Before Thomas Tuchel was sacked, the Ligue 1 giant are the sure go to team to win the league at the end of the season, even though things ain’t working well with the boss and the club’s hierarchy.

With the new sheriff in town Mauricio Pochettino, the onus lies on all of the players to prove to him that they’re all ready mentally and physically to play for him. As the games come tick and fast, with one silverware already in the cabinet for the Parisian, they’ve only conceded 11 goals in 19 games so far which clearly shows their readiness in winning the Ligue 1 and more silverware.

For what we know Pochettino’s team to look like, the gengen-pressing and remarkable solidity at the back, as he grows into his managerial position, we might get to see more of the Parisian’s defensive fortitude with Kimpembe, Marquinhos, Gueye, and Verratti been the orchestra and key element that great defensive dynasty of Paris Saint Germain.

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5 Of Europe’s Top-Flight Teams With Best Defence

Sporting Lisbon – (Portugal, 8 Goals, 14 Matches)

5 Of Europe's Top-Flight Teams With Best Defence

Nobody would have expected Sporting would start the 2020-21 season in such a remarkable fashion, as well as they’ve done knowing full well that the likes of Benfica and Porto are two of the toughest opponents breathing down their neck.

With 8 goals conceded and 13 games played, it’s look like the Lions are hopeful of finally ending their Primera Liga drought. Sporting currently top the Primera Liga with 36 point, with both Benfica and Porto right behind them shows clearly we might be seeing a different champion this season in Portugal.

This season Sporting has a very strong defence and has been scoring lot of goals, all thanks to their young manager Ruben Amorim whose appointment was a controversial one in March. However since then the decision to appoint the 35 year old as the manager as been a wise one, having improve the team all round performances with an impeccable winning ratio.

5 Of Europe’s Top-Flight Teams With Best Defence

Club Brugge – (Belgium, 13 Goals, 21 Matches)

5 Of Europe's Top-Flight Teams With Best Defence

While tightening up teams defensively is a great headache for managers, the right tactical tweak and the right player marshalling the centre back are also a great headache for coaches. As a defensive unit, Brugge has conceded fewer goals compared to other teams in the Belgian league.

The Belgian giant are currently top of the league with 45 point, with Genk right behind them. Brugge might be looking like a champion in the making, however they still have to keep up the good work defensively and offensively for them to win the league at the end of the season.

Without mincing word, Club Brugge like Anderlecht would also want to be ambitious in dominating the league, but in doing that they need to be consistent in playing good football, supported with defensive solidity and impeccable offensive prowse, so with that the aim to reach the top would certainly come natural for them.

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