6 Of The Most Dangerous Sport

Dangerous Sport in general it’s an interesting game that comes with monetary rewards, popularity status, and risk simply because of the nature of the game.

For every athlete who participates in any professional sport there’s one undeniable fact about the game is that in the course of their duty injury is inevitable and as such they know quite well that the games are actually dangerous.

Most athletes really do not care about this, because all they care about are the fame, money, and glory that comes along been a professional athlete.

6 Of The Most Dangerous Sport


6 Of The Most Dangerous Sport

In the last twenty years or thereabout there have been more than 40 deaths related to car racing either in Formula 1, Indy 500, Nascar, and Dakar Rally.
The truth about this sport is that whether it is car race or superbike race it’s comes with life threatening injuries.

Car racing carries the danger of many extreme physical injuries because of the high speed that exceeded over 200 miles par hour which leads to the loss of limbs, eyes or even death that claims the life of a driver.

For those who’re not aware of the danger involve in racing the sport have always been a very lethal sport which should anything go wrong at any moment without mincing it results into serious accident or clashes.


6 Of The Most Dangerous Sport

The consumer product safety commission name gymnastics as the most injury prone sport, even a university in America study identified gymnastics as the most dangerous with nearly 27 thousand gymnasts hospitalized each year.

Gymnasts are often seen as perfect athlete due to their weight, height, or age but the truth is they aren’t perfect because they also makes mistakes with their moves that could cause them serious injury, or mental health.

Severe gymnastics injuries are far more likely to happen to female gymnasts and as such quick surgery attention is needed while a male gymnasts more often suffer injure either in their wrists or hands.


6 Of The Most Dangerous Sport

Basketball is also a contact sport that could result in injuries like other sport, the game may not be as dangerous as other sport but it does come with injuries also like falling, awkward landings, abrupt changes in directions and been hit by the ball.

Injuries to basketball players are usually minor mostly the injury the players sustain are sprains and strains of either the ankle, knee, lower back, hand, or wrist which are the most common among basketball players.

According to research basketball accounts for nearly half of all sport related injuries which clearly means the sport also have its own danger irrespective of how it’s been play.

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6 Of The Most Dangerous Sport

The risk and danger in cheerleading increases year in, year out due to the kind of stunts makes by cheerleader and as a matter of fact the sport is rated the most dangerous sport in the world with close to 20,000 injuries related to the game every year.

The number of serious and catastrophic head and neck injuries from failed acrobatic cheerleading stunts often land the cheerleader into serious danger which leads to serious injuries every year.

Cheerleading routines especially those in the competitive cheerleading includes lots of running, jumping, and flipping and in that regard it’s could leads to ankle and on the average their injuries takes up to six weeks to heal while serious one like broken born or torn ligament requires surgery that could sideline a cheerleader for months.


6 Of The Most Dangerous Sport

Boxing is obviously the most dangerous sport in the world today due to the death rate the game has witness in recent time. As a matter of fact it is estimated that close to 90% of professional fighter that choose boxing as a career suffer brain damage after retirement.

Some even suffer from parkinson or alzheimer disease later in their life just like the great Mohamed Alli who conquered the world of boxing so with this fact it would be difficult for anyone to make a reasonable argument that boxing isn’t a dangerous sport.

Albeit, boxing fetch the fighter quite a whole lot of money for just a bout but the truth is it’s a violence sport which is all about hitting your opponent on the ring till one knock the other person off his canvas.

The fans who pay through their nose to watch this boxers fight obviously like to see heavyweight fighters hit the ring with the expectations of seeing their favorite man win but then winning doesn’t come easy for them on the ring.

MMA Fighting

6 Of The Most Dangerous Sport

Mixed Martial Arts is a very popular sport the fans like to see and is actually rated as a very dangerous, violent, and brutal sport compared to others.

In fact the risk involved in MMA is on the high side according to the research conducted by Scientists and from 2016 to 2018 a total of 291 recorded musculoskeletal and head injuries in 285 fights has been recorded. Since then till now the most common injuries reported were head injuries which is 67%, followed by upper limbs that were higher among females fighters which is 40% while for males is just 14%.

The percentage of lower limbs injury sustain by men is on the high side compared to the female which is 5% and 19% for male which clearly shows the danger in MMA is high. As an MMA fighter the total injuries suffers in a fight is 77%, while 10% is during training routine and 12% during other activities.

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