6 Of The Most Decorated Athletes In Sport

6 Of The Most Decorated Athletes In Sport

What define the career of professional athletes in sport?

The zeal and motivation to achieve the unimaginable is no doubt the fuel that drives every athlete in every of their respective field.

Over the years, undying strength and unwavering motivation has been what sets winners apart from the losers and for a fact these has been evident in the trajectory of every successful athlete.

6 Of The Most Decorated Athletes In Sport

Dani Alves – (Brazil, 41 Titles)

6 Of The Most Decorated Athletes In Sport

Dani Alves cemented his legendary status in football as the most decorated footballer of all time with his new achievement at the Olympic in Tokyo winning gold for the Seleceo.

The former Barcelona right-back has been a serial winner everywhere he goes and has enjoyed a resounding trophy laden career. At 37 the Brazilian international his still waxing stronger with his impressive performances and it’s not looking like he would consider retiring soon.

With an international competition still to come in Qatar, Alves would fancy his chances of making Tite’s squad for the World Cup in Qatar a competition Brazil would love to win having won a world cup at Asian soil before in 2002 Korea/Japan.

Michael Phelps – (United States, 28 Medals)

6 Of The Most Decorated Athletes In Sport

Winning 23 gold, three silver and two bronze engraved the American swimmer in the list of most successful and decorated athletes in the globe. At the 2016 Olympic the American became the oldest individual gold medalist in the history of swimming and first swimmer to racked up four consecutive gold in a row.

Conquering anxiety and depression through therapy was no doubt the turning point for the American who may have taken his own life. Thankfully he put that behind and he rode on his gut and confidence to engraved his name in the folklore of swimming.

Phelps was so good and special that is record for the most world records set with 39 is still very much standing with no one yet to break or equal the record. You won’t be mistaken if you address him as the ‘King of Swimming’ for his outstanding success as an athlete.

Michael Jordan – (United States, 41 Titles)

6 Of The Most Decorated Athletes In Sport

A great American legend that also made these list is the king of slam and dunk Jordan who’s achievements is still a huge conversation amongst basketball enthusiast who saw him took to the track. He led the Chicago Bulls through their most successful period in the history of the game with a scintillating performances in the 90’s.

When ESPN named him as the greatest athlete of the 20th century that give credence to how great he was for his team and the game itself having won six NBA Finals Most Valuable Player awards, 5 NBA Most Valuable Player titles, six NBA Championship, 14 NBA All-star call ups and 10 scoring leader titles in the NBA.

Having retire from playing basketball King Jordan still keeps his involvement in the sport by been the principal owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets of the national basketball association and 23XI racing in the NASCAR Cup Series.

Serena Williams – (United States, 23 Slam)

6 Of The Most Decorated Athletes In Sport

You can’t but marvel at what Serena has achieved for herself in the world of tennis over the years with 23 Grand Slam titles which no tennis athlete has been able to achieve or equal the record of the American.

Although Serena has been going through quite a number of disappointment in equaling Margaret Court’s 24 grand slam, however that doesn’t take anything away from the legendary status the American athlete has carved out for herself.

Aside from winning 23 slams she also won 14 double slam titles with her half sister Venus Williams as well as five WTA Tour Championship and four Olympic gold medals which stands her out amongst other tennis players in the globe.

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Roger Federer – (Switzerland, 20 Slam)

6 Of The Most Decorated Athletes In Sport

Before Novak Djokovic gatecrash the dominance of the duo of Federer and Nadal, the Swiss and Spaniard are the two best tennis players turning heads and putting smiles on the faces of tennis enthusiast.

Federer has won a total of 103 ATP singles titles including 20 grand slam which is a record tied with both Nadal and world champions Djokovic in the men’s category as well as a record six ATP finals as the most decorated tennis player.

The former world number one isn’t presently active due to injury however what he’s been able to achieve is what would go down in history as a huge success having been on top of his game and amongst the best over the years.

Jack Nicklaus – (United States, 18 Major Titles)

6 Of The Most Decorated Athletes In Sport

Nicklaus nicknamed the ‘Golden Bear’ is widely regarded as the greatest golfer of all time having won a total of 117 professional tournaments in his career. The former American golfer also has the most PGA Championships ever with five a record tied with Walter Hagen another fantastic golfer in his own right.

Between 1971 and 1980 he made a record by winning nine major championships to take over Bobby Jones’ record of 13 major to become the first player to complete double and triple career grand slam.

The Golden Bear didn’t stop there he went further with his achievements by winning the 1986 masters which was his 18th final major championships at 46 to become the oldest winner in the tournament then.

Aside from his on-field success he also achieved an off-field success with his ‘Golf My Way book’ considered one of the best instructional golf books of all time likewise the video of the same name which also was the best selling book.

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