9 Amazing Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo(CR7)

Cristiano Ronaldo currently plays for

Juventus , but many people don’t really know

about Cristiano Ronaldo, that is why

sportyLeagues gathered this Facts about him,

read below and enjoy the real CR7;


1. CR7 could have signed for Juventus as

early as 2002, in exchange for Chilean striker

Marcelo Salas, but he couldn’t go because

Marcelo  refused to sign for Sporting

Portugal, he could have joined Manchester

United greatest rival Liverpool,he wasn’t able

to reach an agreement on salary and the rest,

he was also meant to sign for Lyon in 2002,

but the French club refused him,Lyon

prefered money over Ronaldo Imagine.


2. He was diagnosed with a heart condition,

he had a heart Operation when he was only

15, but that didn’t stopped him from

achieving his goal in life, He is now a sport




3. In 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo bought a dream

apartment for $18.5M within Trump tower in

the heart of Manhattan New York.



4. D’olores Ronaldo’s mother dreamed of

seeing her son wearing a Madrid Jersey, she

encouraged Him to join Real Madrid in 2009,

seeing his success in spain, the conclusion is,

always Listen to your Mother.


5. In 2015, the Portuguese National Team

chef revealed Ronaldo’s five favourite foods.

a. Bachalan  b. Risotto c. Portuguese wine d.

Fried Polenta e.Vegetable soup



6. Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t just a boring

Footballer, he also blends his love for music

with his passion for football. He is a fan of

Phil Colins, Sade, Elton John, George Michael

& Alicia Keys, during his free time he also play




7.When he was young he was a fan of Luiz

Figo, he adores them , maybe he was Secretly

a fan of Barcelona and Inter Milan, Who




8.When he was young he was punished in his

football team, he was asked to ride the

gabbage bin and disposed it, his friends

laughed at him and teased him that he is

riding a Ferrari, but he told them that one day

He is going to be the best player in the world

and ride his own Ferrari.


Ronaldo does not only ride a Ferrari, but he

has more than 30 Ferraris in His garage

worth more than $10 million dollar.



9. Ronaldo when playing reaches a speed of

80MPH/hour or 130KM/H. The speed of his

ball when hit is like a moving car.


I hope you enjoyed this amazing facts about

Cristiano Ronaldo , you might have heard

about some of the facts, but I bet its not all.


Check back for more amazing facts about

your favourite footballers.

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