A Short, Concise Guide to Euro 2021

With every passing day, we are an inch closer to the Euro 2021, one of the most competitive football events in the world

The last edition saw the elimination of the powerhouses and Portugal coming out on top as the winner – something no one could have strongly predicted.

If anything, that shows the twists and turns that come with this sporting event – which is why you should not miss this year’s edition for anything. Before the first kick-off happens, here are some things you might want to know.

Why Euro 2021?

A Short, Concise Guide to Euro 2021

This tournament happens every 4 years, with the last one in 2018. This means the current event should have taken place last year.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, though, sporting events were halted and this competition also took a hit.
Thus, it is not uncommon for people to refer to this edition as Euro 2020.

When does Euro 2021 start?

The competition is billed to have its kick-off on June 11 and end on July 11, barring any unforeseen circumstances and uncontrollable events. The first game will be between Turkey and Italy, setting the pace for interesting matches to come.

What teams are in the Euro 2021?

Portugal deserves the first and most important mention since they took the crown home the last time.
This year, the Cristiano Ronaldo-led team will be joined by 23 other teams, some of which are:
⦁ Croatia
⦁ Wales
⦁ Switzerland
⦁ Russia
⦁ Denmark
⦁ The Netherlands, and more.

The rest of the competing teams can be found here.

What networks are broadcasting Euro 2021?

Television networks are already scrambling for the rights to show the games in their regions. As of the time of this writing, most or all of the showing deal has been finalized.

A comprehensive list of all the networks that will show the event is detailed on the official Euros website.

However, some countries or regions will still not get access based on that coverage guide. For these people, it is better to watch Euros online from anywhere in the world without missing a beat or waiting for replays.

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Which teams are looking strong this year?

As usual, Germany has a squad depth that is rarely unmatched in the European world. France will also bring their A-game, but they have the likes of Croatia, Italy, and Holland to contend with.

Portugal might have won the last edition but they are not looking like a favorite for this one at all. Not even the fact that they have the star CR7 behind them would make too much of a difference.
But then, again, unpredictability is what makes football as interesting as it is.

Get Ready

We are marking the calendar days down to when the first whistle is blown and we hope you are doing the same too.
For now, we can only wait to see how the competing teams and their players are gearing up to give us one of the best shows ever.

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