Africa Biggest Stadiums

The biggest African stadium according to the standard of FIFA is as follows-

10.Ellis Park (South Africa) – 62,567

This stadium was named after Mr. J.D Ellis, it is located in Johannesburg South Africa. The 62,567 seater is the tenth biggest stadium in Africa. The stadium hosts both Rugby and association football matches.

9.Stade Olympique De Rades (Tunisia) – 65,000

This 65,000 seater stadium was built in 2001 in Tunisia. It is one of the best Stadiums in Africa and it’s a multi-purpose stadium, both football matches and athletics are hosted in this stadium.

8.Kamuzu stadium (Malawi) – 65,000

This stadium was named after Malawi’s first president Hastings Kamusu. It’s one of Africa’s most beautiful and largest Stadiums. It was opened in June 2014 by President Peter Mutharika and it is situated at Blantyre Malawi.

7.June 11 stadium (Libya) – 67,000

June 11, the date the U.S withdrew forces from Libya. This stadium was named after that day. This multi-purpose stadium is located in Tripoli, Libya.

It’s the seventh-largest stadium in Africa. It has a seating capacity of 67,000 and it has hosted so many football matches in the years.

6.Cairo international stadium (Egypt) – 74,100

This large stadium began operation since 1960 when it was opened by President Abd El Nasser in Cairo, Egypt. This stadium went through a serious renovation in 2005 in preparation for the African Cup of Nations tournament. It has a capacity of 74,100.

5.Stade des Matyrs (Republic of Congo) – 80,000

This stadium is the home of the Republic of Congo national team and has a capacity of 80,000 seaters. Its located in Kinshasa the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

4.Grand stade de Casablanca (Morocco) – 80,000

This is one of the biggest stadiums in Africa, it is located at Casablanca, Morocco. The Morocco national team stadium was recently built to replace the Stade Mohamed V. Stadium, it is also the home of Raja Casablanca.

3.Juliet 1962 stadium (Algeria) -85,000

It is the third biggest stadium in Africa with a capacity of 85,000. The stadium was one of the two venues used for the 1990 AFCON tournament and also the African championship in Athletics. The name refers to July 5, 1962, the day Algeria declared independence from France.

2.Bolg El Arab stadium (Egypt) – 86,000

The second biggest stadium in Africa is located in Alexandria, Egypt. It has a seating capacity of 86,000 and it has various equipment aside sporting equipment like an airstrip, health centers, elevator for both handicapped and normal e.t.c.

1.FBN stadium (South Africa) – 94,736

It’s the largest stadium in Africa with a seating capacity of 94,736. This stadium went through a huge renovation in preparation for the 2010 FIFA World is located in the Soweto area of Johannesburg. The stadium was the arena of Nelson Mandela’s first speech after his release from prison.

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