Barcelona Ernesto Valverde – The definition of an underrated manager.

Why is Valverde not rated amongst some Cules?

– “Cowardness”
– “Lack of Attractive Football”
– “Man Management”

Hear me out, i’ll debunk each one of these.


First lets start with his “cowardness”:

Yeah, he’s no Lucho when it comes to PR and press conferences. But what matters is inside the pitch. You’re telling me benching a World Class player like Coutinho is something a coward would do?


You’re telling me dropping Dembele, (one of the best youngsters itw, with €135M price tag) after a string of bad attitude incidents is a coward move? Try again, as this is the most used argument against him and it’s not even right. He’s not a coward.


Then, “his lack of Attractive Football”:

Yeah, we can say the 17/18 season wasn’t the most attractive brand of football. But you’re gonna tell me he’s not gotten much better this season in that regard? Not only does he have the players he wants now, he’s playing the way he wants


We’re not playing “tiki-taka” every single game right, but we’re adapting to each and every opponent we play against. He even dropped the infamous 442 in favour of a much more fluid 433 this season.


Lastly, his “man management”:

HAHA! This is the biggest joke of all the excuses. Yeah, his man management wasn’t good las yea But this season, Valverde has managed to balance out Dembele and Coutinho, keeping them both content (fighting for a position mind you).


He’s managed to make an unproven player (Arthur) one of the most important players in our system. He’s giving Aleña proper minutes, and even rotates between Semedo and Sergi depending on the opponent, also showing his tactical flexibility.

And I get it, he’s not perfect. But what other options could Barca get? None.

He is leading Barcelona to a treble this season




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