Breaking News: Lionel Messi’s Argentina through to Copa America semi-final

Argentina are through to the semifinal of the Copa America , after securing a 2- 0 over Venezuala.

Argentina square it out with Venezuala for a semi-final place in the Copa America at the maracana stadium in Brazil.

Argentina took advantage of an early goal, thanks to Lautaro Martínez  for converting Messi’s corner to a goal in the 10th minute of the match.

Barcelona’s Captain Lionel Messi played all 90 minutes, and he got a quite number of assist from his team mates.

Argentina started on a very brilliant notes, after playing like a team who is all set to winning their first major international since 1993.

For the rest of the half the Albiceleste tried to control the game with or without possession, looking to stop the Venezuela midfield before the ball got to Rondón and look to score on the counter.

ALthough the game was a little bit rough in the last minute, but the referee did a very good job, to contained both teams.

At the start of the second half, the Venezuala team had almost all the possessions, and they nearly got an equalizer through Hernandez, thanks to Armani that did a brilliant job in stopping the ball from seeing the back of the net.

in the last 20 minutes of the game, Argentina were already one leg in the semi-final, they continue to keep possession and get the reward of their hard work through a goal by Lo Celso, who poked the ball in from a loose ball by the venezuala goal keeper, to send Argentina to semi-final of Copa America.

Argentina are will now face Brazil in the semi-final.

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