Breaking News: AC Milan disallowed from next season’s Europa league

AC Milan have been dis-allowed from participating in any European Football in the next one year, over breaches of financial fair play rules.

The serie A club did not adhere to the UEFA spending rules between 2015 and 2018.

AC Milan finished 5th last season, which made them to be eligible for the europa league , but as it stands now, the 6th placed team Roma will go directly to the group stage of Europa.

Torino  the 7th placed team who never thought of playing in the big league, will now get a chance to play after replacing AS Roma who are due to play the qualifying rounds.

A statement from CAS said: “AC Milan is excluded from participating in the UEFA Club Competitions of the sporting season 2019/2020 as a consequence of the breach of its FFP break-even obligations during the 2015/2016/2017 and the 2016/2017/2018 monitoring periods”.

AC Milan initially appeal a two year ban, given to them by UEFA, for Financial Fair play rule, only to be directed back to the legal body in April.

The club wasn’t expecting this at this time , as they are preparing for the construction of their new stadium.

The UEFA rules does not permit any club to make losses more than the set limits, but AC Milan go against this law, after going beyond the set limits.

AC Milan was able to convince the governing body last season after assuring them that their new owner will improve their finances, but they could not meet up after taking over from former owner Li Yonghong.

They have been denied of their £10 Million pounds prize money by UEFA to serve as a warning to them.



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