Breaking News: Maurizio Sarri to officially leave Chelsea for juventus Next week

Maurizio Sarri will officially leave Chelsea for Juventus Next week, after a long deliberation from chelsea.

He has been linked with a move to the reigning Serie A champion juventus following the departure of their coach Massimiliano Allegri.

Recall that Sarri came last summer to take over from his fellow Italian mate Antoine Conte, he has performed excellently well despite his short term in the  premier league.


He led Chelsea to the Europa League final and win the cup for them, not only did he win the cup, he also gave them UEFA champions league ticket after finishing third in the premier League.

Though he coached Napoli before accepting to manage Chelsea, his returning to Italy is being questioned with a lot of critics coming from fans, some tagged him a traitor.

But sarri has hit back at those tagging him a traitor for joining Juventus.

He told them who a traitor is from his following quotes;

“It’s someone who gives precedence to individual objectives over collective ones.

“Therefore I prefer the front of a jersey, where the badge of a club lies. Behind it is the name of a player: that side interests me less.

“Kissing the shirt? Why deprive yourself of an act of love, in anticipation of what will happen perhaps 10 years later?

“Many players have switched Milan clubs. It would be better not to do it directly, but over the course of a career it can happen.”

Although the deal was been held back by a major demand from Chelsea.

But ESPN claim that Chelsea are demanding compensation in the region of £5million for Sarri.

Guess the demand has been met and Sarri is expected to leave for Juventus Next week.


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