BREAKING! Premier League Clubs Approve Extensions For Expiring Contracts

Premier League clubs have voted in favour of allowing short-term contract extensions until the end of the season for players whose deals are set to finish on June 30, 2020.
The suspension of football in England due to the coronavirus pandemic has seen the 2019-20 season on hold since March.

Authorities in the country have always stressed a desire to finish the professional leagues on the pitch, but with play unable to resume before June 1, issues were set to arise with respect to expiring contracts.

Although Premier League clubs recently discussed for the first time the possibility of bringing an early end to the campaign, all 20 teams have voted in favour of playing games again as soon as it is safe and are working towards a June 12 return.

The English football season usually finishes at the end of June and player contracts are aligned to this, therefore some clubs were set to be in a position that could see them lose players through no fault of their own before the schedule was concluded.

However, following a shareholders’ meeting on Monday, all Premier League clubs have agreed to allow mutual short-term extensions until the end of the season.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters said :

“What we decided is to ensure as far as possible that clubs complete the season with the same squad they had available prior to the suspension of the campaign. Players can extend their contracts beyond June 30 until the end of the season, but it must be agreed by both parties.”

Clubs and players have been given until June 23 to reach agreements to extend deals.

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