Brentford’s Premier League Rise: The 3 Must Do Things

Brentford’s seventy four years of wait and curse was finally banished after defeating Swansea 2-0 in the Championship playoff final at the Wembley Stadium which gave birth to their promotion to the top-flight for the 2021-22 campaign.

The Bees were on the brink of securing their promotion to the top-flight in 2019-20 campaign but unfortunately for them it was their West London neighbors Fulham who pipped them to the Premier League with a victory in extra time.

This year Thomas Frank’s Brentford side got promoted to the first division having failed in their first attempt to Fulham. Brentford correct their wrong with an empathic win against Swansea to be among the big boys that would compete in the country’s elite league next season.

Brentford’s Road To Premier League

No club has been quite fortunate as the Bees were in the journey for promotion to the country’s elite league. Brentford has been consistently knocking on the promotion door since the 2019-20 Championship play-off which they couldn’t achieve.

Remarkably for them they were able to pick up from where they left it that season without any form of hangover with their impeccable performances on their way to securing promotion to the top-flight this year at the second time of knocking on the door.

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Brentford’s search for success hasn’t really been an easy task, getting to where they’re now has taken a lot from them right from the time of their financial hardship from the turn of the millennium to the prepping up of playing in the country’s most followed league in the world next season.

Their upward trajectory could be trace to the excellent work their current owner Matthew Benham has put in since he took full control of the club in 2012, which cumulated to the club’s turn around for good having face financial struggles in the lower league in 2007.

Under Benham’s leadership having been confirmed the owner of the club his first success was seeing the Bees reached the League One playoff final in 2013 against Yeovil Town which also pave ways for other successes till they get to where they’re now the “Top-flight”.

Brentford’s recruitment in the transfer market was also a pointer to how much they’ve been building the team towards their promotion achievement despite been tag a selling club who only punches above their weight. Regardless of what name they tag them they’re were able to strategies in their transfer dealings by bringing in decent players who would go on to represent their cause.

With the wait to feel the blade of the respective grasses of all the country’s elite clubs in the English Premier League now over with their promotion. Let take a look at 3 must do things Brentford needs to do to maintain their rise to the top-flight.

Brentford Must Do

A unique approach to Brentford’s transfers dealing has been one of their major strength in building a system that lay the foundation to this year promotion success. So as we prep up for the 2021-22 Premier League campaign, what must Brentford do in other to prolong their stay in the country’s elite league for a longer time.

Seasoned Defenders

Brentford's Premier League Rise: The 3 Must Do Things

Reliable and clinical striker winstg9c match for a team while solid defence wins trophy for a team, for this assertion to become a reality for the London club there’s an urgent need for them to recruit wisely in other to strengthen their defensive third ahead of the new campaign.

The defenders who prosecuted the 2020-21 campaign may have done an amazing job in helping the Bees secure promotion to the top-flight. Regardless of how fantastic they’re, Brentford must sign quality defenders to navigate the very demanding Premier League fixtures.

Potent Strikers


Brentford's Premier League Rise: The 3 Must Do Things

Leeds United Patrick Bamford has proven to be a clinical striker from the Championship that set the tune for other strikers who just got promoted to the topflight with his impressive performances for his side last season. Undoubtedly the London club still has the strikers who combined well both in the league and playoff final proper for them to be where they’re now.

However, signing a new striker don’t necessarily means they won’t struggles when the league commences, but it would prove valuable in the thick of things at the latter end of the season just like Rodrigo Moreno proved valuable for Leeds United.

Quality Midfielders

Brentford's Premier League Rise: The 3 Must Do Things

Thomas Frank would certainly keep faith in some of his trusted guards who prosecuted the 2020-21 season. Yet that doesn’t mean he won’t open up to new signings that would help bring top quality into the team.

No doubt the duo of Jensen and Norgaard are brilliant players with amazing qualities, but if Matthew Benham wants to see his team compete with the country’s best sides he must be fully ready to splash the cash in the transfer market.

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