Buffon To leave PSG at the end of the season

Gianluigi Buffon nicknamed ‘Superman’ has decided to leave PSG at the end of the season.

The club announced it on their Twitter page, saying the Italian man decided not to renew his contract after just a season with the club.

He is greatly honoured by his club, and also regarded as one of the great goalkeeper  of all time.

Buffon has 176 Cap Appearances for his country,

Buffon has won several tittles in Italy and was once tagged most expensive goalkeeper in the world, he has won world cups with Italy, but his greatest regret is him not winning the Champions League.

After losing three finals to AC Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid, he will continue to live with the regret of him not achieving that in his career.

“Ernest Hemingway writes that there are only two places in the world where one can live happily: at home and in Paris,” he wrote. “Paris, in some way, will always remain my home … Allez Paris!”

He also revealed he opted not to accept a contract renewal offer and suggested he may return to Italy.

When asked about his future and career.He said

I’d love to meet other players, see other places in the world and I want to be known in other places, so the idea of becoming the coach of a national team, to live in another country, to learn another language, adapt to a new lifestyle and another way of thinking, would first and foremost help me improve as a person.

“I feel within me the need to take this challenge on. I feel the essence of life is to say that at the end of my life I can really be satisfied with what I’ve achieved, because you’ve lived your life to the full.

His club showered him with praises, saying a gentleman off and on the pitch.

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