Bundesliga Derbies: 5 Most Fierce & Biggest Rivalry

Nothing stirs football fans emotions quite like a fierce derbies, as we know every Football game all over the globe is about securing three point, or a draw. However, when it comes to derbies, it’s goes beyond the three point, it’s all about pride, honor, and perhaps the political implications.

Undoubtedly, fierce local derbies in football makes the game so interesting even despite not having the fans in the stands for now due to the virus, the fans still come to term with their darling teams when the derbies comes to town.

In a local or crosstown derbies, location is one of most common reasons that makes such game a fierce local derby or rivalry between the club’s involve. What is that thing that makes the fans anticipate a derby? They anticipate a derby because it’s usually that tense period where opposing fans get the better off their neighbors.

5 fierce and biggest Bundesliga Derbies

Schalke 04 – Borussia Dortmund (Revierderby)

Bundesliga Derbies: 5 Most Fierce & Biggest Rivalry

The Revierderby is undoubtedly the most intense and followed Bundesliga Derby, ironically this derby came to life yesterday night where Dortmund triumphed over their rival Schalke 04 in a match that produced four goals in favor of Dortmund against the struggling and woefully Schalke 04 side this season.

Over the years, the encounter between the two biggest teams from the ‘Ruhr Area’ Gelsenkirchen region have always produced tense encounter. Unfortunately for both teams they’ve not been fortunate enough to have the full compliment of their fans in the stadium due to the virus that has wracked havoc to many things in the world of sports.

The Revierderby was born in 1925 where the first match between Schalke and Dortmund was first played, and since then the derby has produced a total of 158 meetings with Die Knappen ‘Schalke 04’ leading their meetings with 60 wins, 43 draws, and 55 wins for Die Schwarz-Gelben ‘Borussia Dortmund’.

The Revierderby produced the biggest win in 1940 in favor of Die Knappen, where they went on to win 10-0 against Die Schwarz-Gelben. However with the sorry state Schalke are currently in, the Signal Iduna Park side have been more precise and dominant in their play against their arch rival from the Ruhr Area, and as a matter of fact yesterday’s result brought to fore the recent dominant of Dortmund in the Revierderby.

FC Koln – Borussia Monchengladbach (Rhine Derby)

Bundesliga Derbies: 5 Most Fierce & Biggest Rivalry

There are four clubs from the ‘Rhine River’ region in Germany, and the four teams include Borussia Monchengladbach, Fortuna Dusseldorf, Bayer Leverkusen, and Koln. However, amongst all of these four clubs mention FC Koln and Borussia Monchengladbach encounter is the biggest Bundesliga Derby from that region, as both clubs share a tense hatred for each other.

The Rhine derby was first played in 1962 with Koln edging Gladbach with four goals to one, however the ‘Die Geibocke’ couldn’t build on their first derby win and since then Die Fohlen has been the king of the derby dominating the encounter that involves the two teams from the Rhine river region.

The Derby has produced over 96 encounter in between the two teams, with the side from Borussia Park leading in terms of their winnings. Before now the rivalry between these two teams wasn’t as heated as what we have now, however once lit it has since produced a very hot derby.

The biggest fight between the two clubs was produced back in the 1977-78 season, where Koln and Borussia Monchengladbach were number one and two respectively on the league table with same point and huge goal difference separating both teams. However, Koln went on to win the title following the massacre of St.Pauli to break their rivals title streak who also annihilated Die Schwarz-Gelben ‘Borussia Dortmund’ but lost the title to Koln.

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SV Werder Bremen – Hamburger SV (Nordderby)

Bundesliga Derbies: 5 Most Fierce & Biggest Rivalry

The matches that involves Hannover 96, Hertha Berlin, SV Werder Bremen and Hamburger are all often called the Northern sides derby (Nordderby). However, with the four fantastic clubs from the Northern side of Germany, the most fierce and original derby of all is between Bremen and Hamburg.

The Nordderby was birthed in 1927 with ‘Die Rothoson’ Hamburg registering their first derby win. Since then the derby has seen a total 154 meetings between the two teams, with Bremen leading with 58 wins, 43 draws and Hamburger with 53 wins.

The pinnacle of the rivalry between the two clubs from the Northern side of Germany came in 2009, when they met four times in 18 days. Two of the four matches was first played in the European competition at the semi finals stage with Bremen escaping the hurdles of Hamburg to qualify to final while the other two encounter came in the league.

Die Rothoson and Die Werderaner may not have won as much silverware in recent seasons as they have won in the past, however whenever these two sides meet it’s always so intense and full hatred for each other. As a matter of fact, beyond football rivalry there is also the part of both side claiming to be the biggest metropolises in the country.

Bayern Munich – Nuremberg (Bavarian Derby)

Bundesliga Derbies: 5 Most Fierce & Biggest Rivalry

This derby is undoubtedly the biggest encounter between the two most successful clubs in Germany, although ‘Die Legende’ Nuremberg may be playing in the Bundesliga II the second tier of German football as it stands, however when both clubs faces it’s always very fierce.

The weirdest thing about this derby is that the Nuremberg fans do not consider themselves Bavarian, as such when both teams lock horns it’s always produced an electrifying and exciting atmosphere. Unfortunately with the current situation Die Legende are in, and with Bayern Munich head and shoulder above them in terms of quality and financial capability the derby has died a natural death with little or no exciting expectations unlike time past.

The official meeting between the two teams has produced 104 games since the end of the second world war, with Die Roten leading with 52 wins, 29 wins for Die Legende, while they’ve also played 23 draws.

Without mincing word Bayern Munich are definitely not in the class of Nuremberg, but should both team get the opportunity to meet it would surely produce a fierce encounter, be it in the league or cup game.

Bayern Munich – Borussia Dortmund (Der Klassiker)

Bundesliga Derbies: 5 Most Fierce & Biggest Rivalry

The rivalry between Die Roten and Die Schwarz-Gelben could be said to be ‘El Classico’ of German football just like rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona the two most decorated and successful clubs in Spain, who are not from the same city or region.

Der Klassiker since inception in 1965 has hosted over 128 encounter with Die Roten leading the head to head with 62 wins, though both teams don’t have any form of neighbouring connection like other prominent region in the German football. However the rivalry between the two sides to have won the Bundesliga in the last decade is simply born out of pure competition in winning the Bundesliga title, and as a matter of fact their fierce meeting in recent years has often decided the league.

The rivalry between the clubs may have been called into question by many, however the fans of both team are no doubt enjoying the rivalry despite not having a rich history like other prominent football derbies in Germany.

Die Roten and Die Schwarz-Gelben rivalry got more attention when they made history to meet as the first all German final in the most memorable UEFA Champions League final at Wembley in 2013. Bayern Munich came out triumphant in the final with former Netherlands international Arjen Robben putting the Signal Iduna Park side to the sword in the dying mintues of the final as Die Roten won the title.


Highlighting just five of Bundesliga Derbies don’t necessarily mean that’s all the derbies in Germany, however there are definitely more but then these are the few fierce and biggest derbies we chronicle on Sportyleagues.

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