Can Lionel Messi speak English?

lionel Messi speak English

In 2017, Lionel Messi went to Egypt for a promotional on hepatitis, he was received like a king with fans going wide for the Argentine.

And the fans happily asked him to say the three words in English… “I love Egypt”, but Lionel Messi just smiled and was just shy and he said… No, No, No…Gracias.

Can Lionel Messi speak English

Can Lionel Messi speak English?

But what’s there; he has been told the words to say and how come it was so difficult for him.

Growing up in Rosario Argentina, Messi wasn’t born with a silver spoon, so he spoke Spanish with the Argentine accent.

Coming to Barcelona at the age of 13, it was still Spanish all along, and no need to learn and speak English.

And being a shy introvert who avoids the media and interviews, he doesn’t speak English, though he might understand a few words.

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Can Lionel Messi speak English?

Does Messi needs to learn English?

English isn’t needed to perform brilliantly on the pitch, it isn’t a prerequisite for scoring goals, neither is it necessary to win ballon d’Or, but in the area of marketing and branding, it will be an added asset. It will add more money to his bank account.

Players like David Beckham were so wise, that all he needed was to memorize some few Italian and Spanish words when doing commercials and Gbam…his bank account keep swelling.

lionel Messi speak English

That’s all Messi needs to do, learn a few words in English and say it to his wild and crazy fans, and it’s more money for him.

His sponsors Adidas should have used his status as one of the goats of football to boost his English and give him a wider audience the same as Nike did for Michael Jordan.

His club didn’t make things better as F.C Barcelona doesn’t care about English.

Even their legend Johan Cryuff (R.I.P) once said that Barca should have helped players (especially the stars) with English to make them more marketable.

Pele had a good command of English and it marketed him worldwide. In 1976 when he visited the White House in Washington DC, President Ronald Regan introduced himself and he said.. “this is Pele, and he needs no introduction”, and Pele was able to defend himself in English at such an epic encounter.

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