Check out the richest footballer in history

Check out the richest footballer in history

When the question of who the richest player in the world is being  asked, alot of people will say Lionel Messi.

some will even say Cristiano Ronaldo, probably because of their fame, and the kind of talent they have. brings to you the richest footballer in history.

His name is Faiq Bolkiah , he is only 21 years old. He has not played in a major competition, this made it so difficult for football lovers to know him.


Faiq Bolkiah is an offensive midfielder , who plays for Leicester  City. His country of origin is Brunei. Brunei is an Oil rich country.

Faiq played for Chelsea and Southampton in his youth. He signed contract with Leicester since 2016. but he has never played a professional football since.

Check out the richest footballer in history

Where then does he gets his money from?

His fortune comes from his social status, he is the nephew of the sultan of Brunei, the value of his fortune is approximately 19 billion dollars. He is the son of prince Jefri, the prince who Blew through Billions, he is know for been the biggest spender in the world.

Check out the richest footballer in history


His father owns over 2000 luxury cars, 250 companies, planeloads of women and polo ponies, colossal diamonds. 5 yatches and multiple palaces.His father pays for a private performance by Micheal Jackson. He paid a huge some of 17 million dollars just to entertain his son. Faiq was just 7 years old at that time.

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Faiq is the opposite of his father, he decided to succeed through his hard work, when we all know he could buy a football club.

i  have always love to be on the pitch, with the ball at my feet, my parents have always helped me, to actualize my dream of becoming a football player.

Faiq is training hard to breakthrough in Leicester. He is yet to play in the premier league, but he has played for his home country Brunei.

He has a recorded a goal for his home country. His story is very Unique, as he is not playing football for the money, but playing it as a result of the passion he has for the game.

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