COPA America: Lionel Messi’s penalty Restores Argentina hope

Lionel Messi’s Argentina team struggled yet again in the COPA America, the team played a 1-1 draw with Paraguay, thanks to Lionel Messi’s penalty kick that saves the day.

The two time world Champion struggled yet again in the tournament, but the five time world best player restores a 1-1 draw for Argentina.

The goal came in the 57th minute at the Belo Horizonte’s Mineirao Stadium to cancel out a first-half opener from Paraguay’s Richard Sanchez.

argentina now have 1 point from their two games leaving them at the bottom of the table.

Thanks to the Argentina goalkeeper who saves the team from trailing by a goal down, after he saved a penalty kick in the second half of the game.

However, with the two best third-placed teams advancing to the quarter-finals, Argentina can still reach the last eight with a decisive win over Qatar in their final group game.


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