Discover The Teams With The Most FA Cup Title In The Past Decade.

The FA Cup has been played annual since it’s inception, it is the oldest domestic football competition in the world. The competition is organized by the Football Association (FA) and is sponsored by Emirates which makes it called the Emirates FA Cup. In the past decade you might have lost count of how many FA Cup title your favourite English club has won. You are about to discover the best teams in the competition over the years.
The Teams who have won the Emirates FA Cup title at least once in the past ten years are listed in descending order. You might know the overall best team in the competition but I bet you can’t guess the English team who have been the most successful over the past decade.

5. Wigan Athletics – 1 Title.

Wigan Athletics is the appearance in the list was not guessable but yes they have won the Emirates FA Cup once when they were in the English Premier League. They currently compete in the EFL League One, the third tier of English football leagues. The English Club won the Emirates FA Cup title in 2013 after defeating Manchester City in the final, they later relegated from the English Premier League that same season. The success in the competition was inspired by their former coach Roberto Martinez.

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4. Manchester United – 1 Title.

Manchester United are the most successful English football club, they have won more trophies than any other club in England. On European grounds, they are known as a powerhouse winning more than four UEFA sponsored competition. The Red Devils are the fourth most decorated team alongside with Wigan Athletics in the past ten years. Since 2010, they have been crowned winners of the tournament once. United won the 2015/16 edition after defeating Crystal Palace in the final with the match determined after extra time.

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3. Manchester City – 2 Titles.

Manchester City are another English powerhouse who have been winning trophies in the past decade. The Citizens have set and broke some domestic records under the management of former Barcelona and Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola, they are the first English club to win the domestic trebles and also the first to reach 100 points in a single season. Their success is still domestic, they haven’t expanded it to an international stage. They have been crowned winners of the Emirates FA Cup twice in the last ten years recently in the 2018/19 campaign and the other in 2010/11. The Sky Blues are the third most successful team in the competition starting from 2010.

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2. Chelsea – 3 Titles.

Chelsea are the overall best and most decorated English team in the past decade. They are the only team from England to have won the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League in the past decade. Their success has been overall that is, domestic and international triumph. The Blues have been crowned as winners of the Emirates FA Cup thrive and have been defeated in the finals of the competition twice in the past decade which is the best run of any team in the competition since 2010. They won the 2009/10 edition, 2011/12 edition and the 2017/18 edition.

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1. Arsenal – 4 Titles.

Arsenal are the all time most decorated English team in the competition and they still haven’t stop winning more of the competitions. They have been crowned winners of the Emirates FA Cup the most times in the past decade. The Gunners defeated one of their rivals twice in the final to win the competition. They are the defending champions of the competition, they defeated Chelsea in the last edition conducted in 2019/20. Their other triumph were in 2013/14, 2014/15 and 2016/17.

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