EPL Players With The Highest Hat-trick.

A hat-trick occurs in association football when a player scores three goals in a single game, whereas scoring two goals is called a brace, the extra time in a knockout cup match may also be calculated towards a player’s potential hat-trick.


Below is a list of Premier league players with the highest Hat tricks-


10.Ruud Van Nistelrooy – 5 Hat-tricks

Ruud Van Nistelrooy was a prolific goalscorer during his stay at the premier league.The Former Manchester United Dutch striker has a record of five hat trick he made during his impressive five seasons stay in the English Premier League.


9.Dimitar Berbatov – 5 Hat-tricks

The former Manchester United, Tottenham and Bulgarian striker made football look very effortless.He scored a total of 5 Hat-tricks in the Premier League with ease.

8.Luis Suarez – 6 Hat-tricks

Barcelona current striker Luis Suarez was one of the best strikers ever seen in the premier league.The former Liverpool striker had six hat tricks during his four season stay with the Reds, he scored three of his six hat trick against Norwich.

7.Wayne Rooney – 7 Hat-tricks

Wayne Rooney is considered and known as a legend of Manchester United.The Current Derby player coach is one of premier league’s best scorers, he scored seven trebles for Manchester United and Everton.


6.Michael Owen – 8 Hat-tricks

Michael Owen was only 17 when he made his debut at Liverpool and won the golden boot the following year.He scored eight hat tricks during his career though he’d sustained lots of injuries.

The Englishman’s last hat trick came in 2005 before retiring in 2013, this shows how much injury took a toll on the former Reds’ striker.


5.Harry Kane – 8 Hat-tricks

Harry Kane, the England’s captain and Tottenham forward is classified as the best number nine in the world.He constitute a authentic threat to Aguero’s new achievements if he remains in the premier league for a longer period of time.The English captain already has eight hat tricks to his name along with two EPL golden boots.


4.Thierry Henry – 8 Hat-tricks

Thierry Henry was part of Arsenal’s Invincibles squad.He was a great player and striker but might not be a great manager.The French player at Arsenal managed to get eight premier league hat tricks and also won four golden boots.He holds the record of most assists in a season.


3.Robbie Fowler – 9 Hat-tricks

Robbie Fowler made the fastest premier league hat tricks against Arsenal in 1995 and it was unbroken for 20 years before Sadio Mane broke it in 2015 for Southampton.The former Liverpool player scored all his hat tricks for Liverpool and Leeds.


2.Alan Shearer – 11 Hat-tricks

With 260 goals, Shearer is the premier league’s highest goalscorer.The prolific goalscorer has a total of 11 premier league hat tricks which he scored between Newcastle and Blackburn.


1.Sergio Aguero – 12 Hat-tricks

The Current Manchester City striker sits are the top spot of the player with the highest EPL Hat-tricks.The man of the moment has a total of 12 Hat-tricks in his on going career at the English Premier League.


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