Football Teammates Who Do Not Speak Anymore

The game of football is played with the collective efforts of the teammates. As such, it’s pertinent that the team be cohesive, be devoid of animosity and division between the players.

Merriam Webster defined TEAMWORK as a work done by several associates with each doing a part but I’ll**with** subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole.

Usually, a teammate is a friend; someone that’s turned to for support. But sometimes, a misunderstanding could occur between teammates that would result to eternal enmity.

Football Teammates Who Do Not Speak Anymore

1. Robert Lewandowski versus Jakub Błaszczykowski

Football Teammates Who Do Not Speak Anymore

The duo played together for the Polish National Team and for Borussia Dortmund, but they never liked each other. To make matters worse, they wouldn’t even speak to each other.

Meanwhile, there are two major reasons for the hostility between them.

Jakub Błaszczykowski is angry with Lewandowski because when the now Bayern hitman joined Dortmund, he ditched his country man and became the best of friends with the German players in the team.

But that’s not all, the fight for the Polish National Team captain armband could have exacerbated the ill will between them.

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2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic versus Oguchi Onyewu

Football Teammates Who Do Not Speak Anymore

Zlatan actually clashed with two of his former teammates. His clash Oguchi Onyewu was as a result of a heavy tackle of the American on Zlatan in a Milan training, this got The Lion terribly annoyed.

It was so worst that the two of them exchanged fists.

Another player that have had issues with Zlatan is Rafael Van Der Vaart. It was a match between Sweden and Netherlands, Ibrahimovic injured his Ajax teammate.

Van Der Vaart accused Zlatan of doing it on purpose so as to get an advantage over him at Ajax. Funny isn’t it?

But Zlatan in his legendary way of give a reaction gave crazy response.

*”I didn’t do it on purpose, you know this. If you accuse me again in the Press, I will break both your legs and this time, I’ll do it on purpose.”*

3. Kolo Toure versus William Gallas

Football Teammates Who Do Not Speak Anymore

At Arsenal, the two center backs had to coexist for Arsenal’s matches while they weren’t even talking.

Toure while speaking to the Guardian in 2010 revealed that he and Gallas didn’t understand each other which necessitated his exit from the North London club.

His words *”It’s impossible to play with two central defenders who don’t communicate. I respect him a lot but I felt that he took advantage of that. So, we don’t speak anymore.”*

Having endured six years of cold blood between himself and Gallas, the Ivorian defender left for Manchester City and ended up as a Premier League winner.

4. Gerard Pique versus Alberto Arbeloa

Football Teammates Who Do Not Speak Anymore

This isn’t a matter of Pique not liking any Madrid player but his relationship Alberto Arbeloa outside club football is an interesting one.

*”We have a professional relationship, we will never be good friends, do personal things like go and eat together or grab a drink.”*

They made peace in 2016 but they have subsequently clashed.

5. John Terry versus Rio Ferdinand

Former Chelsea captain Terry, in 2012 racially insulted Anton Ferdinand, a younger brother of Manchester United legend, Rio Ferdinand.

*”He’s never apologized to me or Anton. He could’ve saved everyone a lot of pain by admitting immediately that he used this word in the heat of the moment but was no racist.”* Ferdinand told The Sun in 2014.

Since that incident, Terry and Ferdinand relationship ceased to exist.

6. Oliver Kahn versus Jens Lehman

Just like what’s happening between Marc Andre Tee Stegen and Manuel Neuer in the German team, Kahn and Lehman were at their best. They both fought keenly for Germany’s number one spot; which created the rivalry between them.

It was so bad that at a press conference, Kahn made fun of Lehman’s form at the 2006 World Cup hosted by Germany. Kahn noted that the reason Germany came third was because Lehman was in goal.

*”With me in goal, Germany would’ve gone further .” * Kahn said.

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