Harry Kane will be considering his future at Tottenham Hotspur – Dimitar Berbatov:

Former Manchester United and Spurs striker Dimitar Berbatov believes that Harry Kane will be considering his future in North London.

Kane has been linked with the same move that Berbatov made, to Old Trafford, particularly when he said he would not stay at his current club indefinitely if they were not challenging for trophies.

The England captain lost in the final of the Champions League to Liverpool at the end of last season and Mauricio Pochettino left at the start of the current season as the club struggled.

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Berbatov told the BBC: “Because it has been established a long time ago which the big clubs are, you will always have that situation with teams like Spurs – where their best players have to decide if they stay here or move to a big club. It is exactly the same as Harry Kane at the moment.

“He is going to be at a crossroad, thinking: ‘What do I do now?’ The situation is maybe difficult now because of coronavirus and the money, but he is in exactly the same situation I was in

“My head was not in the right place at times. How could it be? I didn’t want to put my team in a position where I go late in the window and leave them without a replacement.

“It will be stated over and over again and make people angry that the lack of trophies is the main problem for players like Kane, who is the captain of England and not getting younger. But when he gets older, he wants to say to his kids: ‘Look what I won.'”

he Bulgarian also explained his languid body language on the pitch, saying it gave him time to be creative.

“My difference was that sometimes you would see I might not be into the game, but at the same time I was scanning the pitch to see where to position myself at the right moment, at the right time in a pocket of space – and you can give me the ball so that I have more time to myself and not have someone on my back.

“Some people don’t understand it, but if you are clever in your head, even if you are slow in speed, you can still be quick. You can position yourself better and be even more useful to your team.

“But I was running in my head. And when I see someone in a better position than me I always give the ball. No selfishness. In the end, we win and lose together.”


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