History Of Chelsea Football Club

Chelsea Football Club was established in 1905 by Gus Mears, an English businessman who had earlier acquired Stamford Bridge athletics stadium with the aim of transforming it into a football pitch for rent but after the deal with Fulham FC was stopped, the Englishman got the idea to start a new club.

In the late 1910s, The Blues became the first club in Britain with an average attendance over 40,000 which triggered them to be established as the biggest club in the capital.The huge number of attendees made them get a nickname “The Pensioners”.The club which was one of the richest clubs at the time made it possible for them to pay well reputed players and to also became the first side to be a home for non British playera in 1913.

During the first five decades of the clubs existence, they were not productive, the team was in constant motion between Division 1 and Division 2 but in their second decades of existence, for the first time they managed to reach the FA Cup final.

Their first league title came in 1955 which was a shock for everyone especially considering the club had ended previous seasons at the bottom half, this unexpected success was not good enough to turn their good luck around, however, the club later returned to their average spot.

Chelsea were at the height of their popularity at Mid 60s when many big name celebrities became regular guests at Stamford Bridge as the club was seen as an actual contenders after they secured their first league cup in 1965 followed by an FA Cup in 1970 and a cup winner’s cup in 1971.

As it turned out, those were their last trophies for a while, the ownership of the Mears family was interrupted when the club was sold for the symbolic sum of £1 to the new owner Ken Bates in 1982.

The club did not return to the spotlight until 1996. Chelsea enjoyed some success by winning two FA cups in 1997 and 2000, a league cup in 1998 and their second Cup Winners’ Cup in 1998 after defeating Stuttgart 1-0 in the final.

In 2003, a new management took over Chelsea football club, a Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. .He quickly led the club into a new era of financial stability after paying off the majority of the club’s debts and spending a rare huge amount of money on star signings but it wasn’t still complete untill he appointed Jose Mourinho as head coach before all pieces fell into place, Chelsea won the premier league title back to back in 2005 and 2006 as well as two league cups and one FA cup before Mourinho disagreement with the club owner Abrahamovich which caused him to leave the club.

After the departure of Jose Mourinho, Chelsea continued to be a dominating side in the premier league winning one more league title, two FA cups, a champion league and an Europa league.

Till date, Chelsea are known as one of the most successful and dominating clubs in English Football.


Main Trophies

First Division/Premier League: 6

FA Cup: 8

Football League Cup: 5

European Cup/Champions League: 1

UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup: 2

UEFA Europa League: 1


Club Records

Most games played: Ron Harris (795)


Top goalscorer: Frank Lampard (211)


Most appearances in total: 795, Ron Harris (1961–1980).


Most League appearances: 655, Ron Harris (1961–1980).


Most FA Cup appearances: 64, Ron Harris (1961–1980).


Most League Cup appearances: 48,

John Hollins (1963–1975 and 1983–1984) and Ron Harris (1961–1980).


Most appearances in UEFA competitions: 124, John Terry (1998–2015).


Most consecutive appearances: 167, John Hollins, 14 August 1971 – 25 September 1974.


Most consecutive League appearances: 164, Frank Lampard, 13 October 2001 – 26 December 2005.


Most appearances in a single season: 64, Juan Mata , Oscar and

Fernando Torres, 2012–13 .


Most international caps while a Chelsea player: Frank Lampard, 104 for England 


First Chelsea player to play for England: George Hilsdon , 16 February 1907.


First Chelsea player to play for England at the World Cup: Roy Bentley , 1950 World Cup, 25 June 1950.


First foreign (non-UK) player: Nils Middelboe ( Denmark ), 15 November 1913.


Youngest player: Ian Hamilton , 16 years 138 days, vs. Tottenham Hotspur, First Division, 18 March 1967.

Oldest player: Mark Schwarzer, 41 years and 218 days, vs. Cardiff City ,

Premier League, 11 May 2014.


First substitute: John Boyle , who replaced George Graham vs.

Fulham , First Division, 28 August 1965



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