How Did Messi Get Such A Powerful Shot?

He is small, he is skinny, he doesn’t have Cristiano Ronaldo’s feet, but Messi has an incredible ball strike, he has scored 7 goals from outside the area this season more than anyone else in Europe.

Many people think Messi is an excellent dribbler and that reads the game better than anyone, they are right, but they often forget how good the Argentinian shots are, he doesn’t just hit the ball hard, he also maintains a high level of position, which is how he scored so many goals from long range.

In 2018, Messi made history as the first La Liga player to score goals from outside the area in six consecutive games. An Unbelievable Feat!!!.

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How Did Messi Get Such A Powerful Shot?

When Messi played, during Pep Guardiola’s reign, he was an excellent finisher but didn’t have a long-range shot. Firstly because Xavi took the free kicks and also because of Messi was also fast on the ball and he always has
space, so he doesn’t need distance to take the shots.

How did Messi get such a powerful shot?

How Did Messi Get Such A Powerful Shot?

Messi former fitness trainer Fernando Sigonorini said in 2009, Messi learned how to make goals from a long-range when DiegoMaradona, the coach at the time, took Messi aside and said ‘start again’.

It was like a teacher with a student. He went on ‘put the ball here and listen to me, don’t take your foot off the ball so quickly, because otherwise, it won’t know what you want’.

Diego then kicked the ball with his left foot into the corner of the net, with Messi watching on in full adoration, it was a real turning point for Leo Messi, with time Messi move back to the field and he is more comfortable playing in the midfield, where he can better control the game, a brilliant idea!!!.

Messi now love those distant shots, because he can get a goal from any distance, he is very accurate with his free-kicks, with his superb goal against Real Betis, he became the best free-kick scorer in Europe this season.

Four(4) free-kick goals!!!.

Since the 2011/2012 season, Messi has become a master of the art of the free-kick, Liverpool 19 free-kick goals, PSG 21 free-kick goals, Real Madrid 24 free-kick goals, Lionel Messi 25 Free kick goals. He has scored more than every other team in Europe apart from Juventus.

Unlike Juninho, Cristiano Ronaldo and Beckham, the Argentina star did not develop his technique around shooting, he is just very good at combining position with power.

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