Intriguing Facts in the world of Football

We may have being watching football for a long time,yes we must have been supporting one club or the other, but I bet you these facts in this article is a surprise, it must be really strange to you, that’s why SportyLeagues takes time to gather these facts;

1. An indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a goalkeeper controls the ball with his hands for more than 6 seconds!!! Amazing isn’t it?

2. Football (known as soccer in the USA) was the first team sport added to the Olympics,in 1990

3.Gerardo Bedoya holds the record for the most red cards received by any player in football history

4. The number 10 position is mostly behind the forwards as a central attacking midfielder.

5. Alvin Martin once scored a hat-trick against three different goalkeepers.

6. Before Alex Ferguson took over at Manchester United, Aston Villa were more successful than the Red Devils.

7.Jimmy Rimmer is the only player to have won European Cup Winners’ medals with two different English clubs.

8. Mark Hughes once played for Wales and Bayern Munich in the same day.

9.Captain Charles Wreford Brown around the year of 1886 gave football the term soccer.

10. Kenneth George Aston introduced the famous yellow and red coloured cards in football.

11. Italian soccer league is now using green cards to reward players for good sportsmanship.

12. Dave wagstaffe of the Blackburn Rovers was the first player to  receive a red card in 1976

13. Argentine footballer Lionel Messi has only had 1 red card during his career.

14. Portugal footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has received around 10 red cards in his football career.

15. A yellow card caution is also know as a booking.


Sure you won’t believe your eyes after reading this facts!!!

Check back for more intriguing facts in the world of football.

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