Jose Mourinho explains reasons for “not playing” Danny Rose during a heated argument

After a light-hearted start to Amazon Prime’s All or Nothing series documenting Tottenham’s 2019-20 season, the latest batch of episodes released this weekend offer us our best taste yet of gripping, unscripted drama as Danny Rose confronts Jose Mourinho in his office.

Having been picked to start by Mourinho just once in six matches since Christmas, the England left back walked into the manager’s office in January demanding answers.

‘I just want to know exactly what the problem is,’ says Rose, ‘if you don’t want me to play, I’d rather you just tell me now, and I’ll stay at home.’

Mourinho then tells Rose that he has not been selected because his performance in the home defeat against Liverpool was poor, but the Yorkshireman doesn’t back down. ‘Other people have been s*** in training, s*** in games, but are in the squad every game,’ he adds. ‘It’s not fair. It’s facts. The whole changing room know it’s facts. Not fair.’ He then walks out of the office and hasn’t played for Spurs since, sealing a loan move to Newcastle not long after the meeting.

Rose has never been afraid to speak his mind, something Mourinho praises him for during the heated exchange, and comes across as honest in the documentary. But given some of the omissions in the series to date, it seems as though he has been hung out to dry somewhat by being made the centrepiece of the series.

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