Jürgen Klopp: Let’s make Barcelona tie a football party

Jürgen Klopp wants the second leg of Liverpool’s Champions League semi-final with Barcelona to be a ‘football party’ as he stressed his side need to be perfect in order to have any hopes of securing a dramatic comeback.

Klopp admits that his club is going to face a tougher test tonight as they Must overturn a 3-0 deficit if they really want to qualify.



On how scoring one goal would have Anfield rocking…

I will imagine the place will be rocking before we score already, to be honest. That’s what I expect.

If we can score, that’s how it is. But look we not only have to score, we have to deny Barcelona from scoring and it doesn’t happen too often that Barcelona doesn’t score at all. We know about how big the challenge is.

This team is just so wonderful that they will try, we all will try, 100 per cent. But that doesn’t mean that it will work out, that’s how it is as well.


On having hope of a turnaround…

Yeah, because there’s hope and it’s football. We are far from giving up, but we are not in a situation where we say, ‘It will happen, 100 per cent’.


But it’s football and that’s why we give it a try and because of the boys and the character of the boys.

Two of the world’s best strikers are not available tomorrow night and we have to score four goals against Barcelona to go through after 90 minutes.

It doesn’t make life easier but as long as we have 11 players on the pitch then we will try it and everybody knows that.

That’s what we want to show, nothing else – just to celebrate the Champions League campaign and give it, either way, a proper finish or another go.

That’s pretty much the plan. Just try it and if we can do it then wonderful. Then if not, then fail in the most beautiful way if you want, with a close result. How I said, it’s still a difficult job to do of course.


On the plan to contain Lionel Messi and Barcelona…

To delete the word ‘almost’, that’s the plan. It looks like you have to be perfect to beat them and we should try that. That’s all, doing that step by step.

Creating an atmosphere, using the atmosphere and celebrate the situation with good football.


It should be a football party. We don’t drink during the game – no alcohol at least – so we should then celebrate it with football.

That’s the plan. It’s possible and a little bit likely that it will be the last Champions League game for this campaign, so let’s celebrate it with our legs, with our lungs, with good decisions, with a sensational atmosphere and all that stuff. Then we will see what’s the outcome.

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