Longest Unbeaten Run In Europe Top Leagues.

An unbeaten run means playing matches without losing any game, the following are some teams and how many games they’ve played without a single loss are:


5.Liverpool – 44 games (2019-20) –

This became the second longest unbeaten streak in the history of English Football.The Reds lost in the premier league for the last time against Manchester City in January 2019 which made It 13 months and 27 days that Liverpool were unbeaten.

Their amazing run ended with a 4-0 defeat they incurred from Watford and before the defeat they had only dropped points in one match out of 27 this season as they embarked on the greatest start ever in one of the Europe top five leagues.


4.Arsenal – 49 games (2003-04) –

The Gunners went an entire season without losing a game making them the second to do so in the history of English Football.The Invincibles even went beyond a season refusing to record a loss for 49 games but after all they were stopped by their rivals, Manchester United.

Under Arsene Wenger, Arsenal went a record 49 consecutive top-flight league games unbeaten from May 2003 to October 2004, breaking Nottingham Forest’s previous record of 42 set between November 1977 & November 1978 under Brian Clough. Legendary


3.Juventus – 49 games (2011-12) –

The Old Ladies made this record six years after they were relegated to Série B over match fixing with Calciopoli. After their return, they were champions of the Série A once again in 2012 after making a superb unbeaten run throughout the season, it was an extraordinary turnaround for the Bianconeri, who had finished seventh two seasons in a row.

Their head coach Antonio Conte was the master piece behind Juventus’s incredible accomplishment, turning the Italian giant back into a winning machine.

That season Juventus won 23 times and drew 15 times after signing Andrea Pirlo and Arturo Vidal.


2.Bayern Munich – 53 games (2012-14) –

German giants Bayern Munich are one of the clubs who have an amazing unbeaten run and they have been one of the most impressive teams of all time. Their Unbeaten run lasted for almost two years and was overseen by two different managers, Jupp Heynckes who won the champions league for them and Pep Guardiola who continued the Bundesliga dominance.

Bayern Munich Unbeaten run came to an end when a perennially mid-table side Augsburg defeated them 1-0 in April 2014 after their head coach Guardiola lined up a weak squad ahead of their UEFA champions league quarter finals with Manchester United.


1.AC Milan – 58 games (1992-93) –

This is the greatest unbeaten run of all time and the most Invincibles of all the Invincibles, at that time AC Milan were the strongest Italian in the Serie A, the Italian league was certainly the best league in the world in the early nineties.

AC Milan went the entire 1991/92 season unbeaten under the management of Fabio Capello and with the aid of star players like Paolo Maldini, Carlo Ancelotti, Marco Van Basten and so on, losing to Juventus and Parma in the 1992/93 season ended their incredible Unbeaten run after winning 22 and drawing 12.


The following are some other teams with an incredible Unbeaten run-


Perugia – 37 games (1978-79)


Real Sociedad – 38 games (1979-80)


Fiorentina – 40 games (1955-56)


Chelsea – 40 games (2004-05)


Notts Forest – 42 games (1977-78)


Barcelona – 43 games (2017-18)


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