Manchester United defender Rojo caught smoking on video

Manchester United defender Marcos Rojo was seemingly recorded smoking as he played poker with friends in Argentina.
Rojo is currently on loan with Estudiantes in his home country of Argentina and was recorded by his brother Franco. Franco then put the video on Instagram before it was swiftly deleted.

His smoking of a cigar drew criticism, as did his apparent breaking of lockdown rules in Argentina amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Rojo has had an inauspicious start to his Estudiantes career playing only one game after beginning his time at the club with an injury.

Rojo’s stay in Estudiantes is not being the desired one, given that upon arrival, he suffered an injury that took him several weeks in the dry dock. At the moment, the Argentine has only been able to play a game with the team from La Plata, where Javier Mascherano also plays.


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