Manchester United too weak and feeble; Is it an end of an era for Manchester United?

Manchester united season has being faced with ups and downs, from poor management to the poor attitude of the players to the game.Starting from the players issue with their previous manager Jose Mourinho , and after Ole Gunner was appointed , the team has being struggling to get their form.

Can we say they are weak? can we say they need a change in the team structure and ideology towards the game?



Manchester City , their own neighbor, has now overtaken them since Alex Ferguson left the club, they are about to win the premier league for the second time in the history of the club, they already book their place in the champions league next season.



Liverpool have proven to be strong and in form this season, they have in all ways show why they are better than Manchester united, they are in the final of the UEFA champions league for two consecutive period breaking a record of being the first English to reach the final of the UEFA champions league for two consecutive seasons.
they are also currently sitting in the second position of the premier league with a point separating them with man city.



Tottenham on the other hand have achieved the greatest feat in the history of the football club, reaching the UEFA final for the first time since the inception of the club, fighting against all odds despite being tagged the underdog in the competition.


Chelsea and Arsenal are in the European semi-finals , hoping to reach the final ,sitting currently in the third and fifth position, Chelsea has secured a place already in the champions league next season , and Arsenal will be hoping to book their own ticket if they are crown the European champion.


Where is Manchester United this season? no Cups, no Champions league ticket, pathetic for the club!!!!
I guess the team need a change in the ideology of the game, they need more mature players and more discipline in the management of the team to achieve what other top teams have achieved this season.


looking at united from a non-result basis

In this case, I will rather look at United from a non-result basis. You will need to look whether there is any semblance of continuity from the previous regime. If certain structures and systems remain largely intact, you could argue it has not.The current manager, Ole Gunnar has made an even greater changes to the club, departing clearly from the previous United team in terms of ideology and style of play. By this, you could strongly argue that the era had indeed ended.

Now, will United really suffer the same fate as Liverpool? The probability is indeed stacked very high. The club is genuinely suffering from a loss of identity with different factions having different vision for the club. The current management seems to be at loss in trying to chart the future path of the club. Trying to manage a football club purely as a business will be a silly idea and will never work. Managing a football club without a great deal of business sense will not be a great idea too. If United is to rebound quickly from this, there is an urgent need to balance these priorities and set a new identity which the club could adopt for the next twenty years.

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