Messi through to UEFA Semis, Ronaldo Knocked out

Barcelona humiliated Manchester United in Camp Nou , in the second leg of the Uefa quarter final match.


Messi score twice to give Barcelona a comfortable lead in the first half of the game.


The momentum was high, barce play with a superb team work.


An error from De Gea made Lionel Messi to double the lead


Barcelona were far, far too good for United tonight. United might’ve made it a more interesting night had they taken their chances in the opening minutes, but once


Messi picked the ball up and spirited home that first goal, it was a matter, not of how but how many. He is unfathomably, humiliatingly, inspirationally, epochally wonderful, and we are honoured to be living in his time.


Messi, under no pressure, clips a ball out to Jordi Alba who feeds back inside to Coutinho, 25 yards out, left of centre. He looks up, the unfurls a curler that he places past De Gea and into the roof of the net for another superb goal.


And he celebrates with his fingers in his ears and such, but the thing is, everyone knows he can do that – the problem is what, if anything, else he does


Does elimination of Juventus brings you closer to the Treble?


Messi: “No, No, we shouldn’t rest in Liga and the Champions is still left. We are going step by step. We need to focus on Liga until the Final.





Juventus have been knocked out of the #UCL by a team outside of Europe’s top five leagues for the first time since 1981-82 (Anderlecht).

The young guns of Ajax shine in Turin.


De Ligt does exactly what Ronaldo did and powers a header past the goalkeeper with a giant leap inside the box, beating two defenders and smashing his header into the ground to send Ajax to UCL semi final


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