Top 7 Most Successful Football Clubs In The World

Success in Football Clubs has been redefined a lot recently, while some find the joy of winning a silverware or trophy as success, others regard the stability and financial prowess of the club as successful as well.

Simply put success in Football Clubs is relative depending on where you stand on the divide.

However, having said that, we will be taking a look at the topmost successful clubs in the world from a silverware point of view, and here are the top ten.

Most Successful Football Clubs In The World:

Top 7 Most Successful Football Clubs In The World

Al Ahly
Country: Egypt
Silverware: 119

The club of the century as they are called is unrivaled on the African continent being the most successful club in the Egyptian premier league and the Caf Champions League which they have won on record occasions.

Their success has brought them 41 Egyptian Premier League titles and having defeated South African club side Kaizer Chiefs in July 2021 in the Caf Champions League final, their CAF Champions League titles stand at 9.


Top 7 Most Successful Football Clubs In The World

Country: Scotland
Silverware: 116

The Glasgow side rival neighbors Celtic in the Scottish Premier League on most occasions share the Scottish Premier League title between themselves.

After a torrid last 9 years for the Old firm side which saw rivals Celtic win the League all through, they were led to their 55th Scottish Premier League title by Steven Gerrard last season.

They also have multiple league cups (27) and Scottish cup (33) as well as a single UEFA Champions League title.


Top 7 Most Successful Football Clubs In The World

Country: Uruguay
Silverware: 113

The Montevideo-based club side has won the Uruguayan League 48 times with the last one in 2020. Their success has not been limited to Uruguay alone as they have had success in South America.

They have won the Copa Libertadores (3 times, the Intercontinental Cup 3 times as well, and the Interamerican Cup 2 times although most of these have been in the last two decades.

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Top 7 Most Successful Football Clubs In The World

Country: Uruguay
Silverware: 108

Another Uruguayan side, Penarol stands out after they were names the South American club of the century in 2009.

With five titles, they are the third-highest winner of the Copa Libertadores. They also have three Intercontinental Cups.

Top 7 Most Successful Football Clubs In The World

Country: Scotland
Silverware: 106

Celtic still trail their old firm rivals Rangers despite having won the last nine Scottish Premier League titles.

Irrespective, Celtic still, trophy-wise, trumps the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid on this list with trophies won, 40 Scottish cups, and 19 league cups including 51 League titles. They also have a single European title, where they lag behind the next names on the list.

Top 7 Most Successful Football Clubs In The World

Country: Spain
Silverware: 92

Barcelona was tied with Real Madrid on major trophies before their Copa Del Rey title last season which pushes their Copa Del Rey to 31.

While they have more Copa Del Rey titles than Real Madrid, they lag behind the Los Blancos in terms of UEFA champions league and La Liga titles.

26 La Liga titles and 5 UEFA Champions League trophies are what they have for themselves.

Top 7 Most Successful Football Clubs In The World

Real Madrid

Country: Spain
Silverware: 91

Europe’s most successful club with 13 UEFA Champions League titles will be the final name on this list as they are dwarfed with the previous names.

They are also the team with the most La Liga titles with 34 La Liga titles. Nevertheless, Real Madrid continues to be one of the biggest brands in Club football in the world.

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