OFFICIAL: Cristiano Ronaldo is the BEST Serie A player of the season. He is the Serie A MVP.

It was just last summer when Cristiano

Ronaldo set out to make history in Serie A by

signing a contract with Juventus FC.


The Portuguese forward was coming from a

spectacular spell in Real Madrid where he

literally won everything he could.


Despite being 34 years of age, Ronaldo’s

hunger for titles is still intact as he proved it



It was the ideal moment for the Portuguese

forward to proclaim himself league champion

in Italian football and make history.


No other player had ever won the domestic

competition in the three major European



There are two players who have won leagues

in four different countries but none of them

won in the three major competitions.


Arjen Robben won the Eredivisie with PSV,

the Premier League with Chelsea, La Liga

with Real Madrid, and the Bundesliga with

Bayern Munich throughout his career.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic won the Eredivisie with

Ajax, Serie A with three different Italian

clubs, La Liga with FC Barcelona, and the

French Ligue 1 with PSG.


Cristiano Ronaldo makes history today after

winning the Premier League with

Manchester United, La Liga with Real

Madrid, and now Serie A with Juventus.

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