Oldest Football Clubs In The World.

10.Wrexham FC – 1864

Popularly known as the Red Dragons, it is a professional association football club based in Wrexham, Wales that plays in the National League, the fifth tier of the English football league system. Formed in 1864, they are the oldest club in Wales.

Despite being of Welsh origin, the Reds were elected as members of England’s Football League in 1921 and the supporter-owned club is now a member of the fifth-tier National League. Wrexham AFC plays its home fixtures at Racecourse Ground which is officially regarded as the oldest active international football stadium in the world.

9.Notts County – 1862

Notts County holds the title of being the tenth oldest professional football club in the world. The football club was formed in 1862 and is often called the Magpies. It plays its home games at Meadow Lane in Nottingham, which was constructed and opened in 1910. The 158 years old club shares an intense rivalry with Nottingham Forest who barely stays 300 meters away from them.

The 158-year-old club lifted its last title in 2009-10 after earning promotion from League Two, the competition it currently plays in after it was relegated in the 2014-15 season.

8.Cray Wanderers Football Club – 1860

The Football club was established traditionally in 1860. The origins of the Cray Wanderers Football Club dates back to between 1858 to 1860 when the London, Chatham and Dover Railway line was being constructed.

The workers building the railway kicked a ball around during their breaks and eventually formed a club in the St Mary Cray village. The Wands currently still exist and are playing in the Isthmian League South Division.

7.Ballarat Football Club – 1860

The Swans was established on the 20th of May, 1860 at Ballarat, Australia. Until the discovery of the Castlemaine Football Club’s founding, Ballarat was believed to be the third oldest non-university football club in Australia, it is the fifth oldest if you count Melbourne University’s club.

In 1886, the club joined the Victorian Football Association along with the Ballarat Imperial club and Ballarat South. The club formed was one of the founding clubs of the Ballarat Football Association in 1893 where they currently still play in.

6.Geelong Football Club – 1859

The football club was founded on July 18, 1859, during a meeting held in Victoria Hotel. It is the second oldest club in the Australian Football League and the fourth oldest Australian club overall. Geelong was one of the eight founding clubs of the Victorian Football League, which later became the Australian Football League where they currently play in.

5.Melbourne University Football Club – 1859

Since there are no records of the club’s exact formation, it is disputed whether or not the Melbourne University Football Club is the second or third oldest football club in Australia.

The university’s club played in the Victorian Football Association from 1885 – 1888, which was Australian football’s governing body at the time. In 1907, the eight founding clubs of the Victorian Football League (now the Australian Football League) voted to include Melbourne University as the league’s ninth team.

4.Castlemaine Football Club – 1959

Castlemaine football club was formed on June 15, 1859, and was the second oldest Australian Football club which they founded few months after Melbourne Football Club.The first game of the club was played on the Cricket Ground Bakers Creek.

The founding date of the club was only discovered in 2007, making it older than the Geelong Football Club, which was believed to be formed earlier. The club currently plays in the Bendigo Football League which they joined ever since 1925.

3.Melbourne Football Club – 1859

This is the oldest football club in Australia and also one of the founding members of the Australian Football League. The football club celebrated its 150th birthday in 2008 and released a list of “150 Heroes” as well as a special birthday logo that appeared on the official jerseys.

2.Cambridge University Association Football Club – 1856 or 1857

According to Cambridge University, its association football club is the oldest club now playing association football. Due to uncertainty over the date of the club’s formation, it is not widely recognized as the oldest football club. It is believed to either be formed in 1856 or 1857.

They currently play in the BUCS Midlands Division 2A.

1.Sheffield Football Club – 1857

This is the world’s oldest club recognized by FIFA and Football Association of England (FA). It was founded on October 24, 1857. Prior to the formation of the FA, early football clubs used their own rules and the Sheffield Rules were the first official set of rules and laws used for football games. This Sheffield Rules even influenced the rules of the FA.

Sheffield became a member of the FA in 1863 but continued to use its own rules. The club finally adopted the FA’s rules in 1878.

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