Penalty Law for goalkeepers to be reviewed by IFAB

Football lawmakers are set to review laws that states a goalkeeper keeps a foot on the goal line  at the start of a penalty.

The law was introduced in the 2019 FIFA womens world cup, held in France, which saw United State of America, lifting the world cup once again.

The Rule has led to alot of controversies, a good example is the match between Nigeria and the host Nation France, where the initial penalty kick was cancelled and the Nigeria goalkeeper was given a card and warned not to move before the kick.

The second penalty kick led to a goal, which made the host Nation  beat the African Champions.

A spokesperson for the International Football Association Board (IFAB) told our source: “This law will be discussed at the next opportunity.

“We will look at it and discuss feedback from recent competitions, where the new law was applied correctly. In Copa America, eight penalties were saved, no penalty was retaken as goalkeepers kept at least one foot on the line – so it is important we review all the facts.”

It is understood the updated law was introduced following discussions with goalkeepers, to give them more flexibility during penalty kicks, but lawmakers did not consider some of the unintended consequences of the change.

There is no suggestion the law will be further changed before the start of the Premier League season, as VAR will be introduced to premiership next summer which starts by August.


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