Pep Guardiola ’embarrassed and ashamed for what white people have done to black people’

Pep Guardiola says he is “embarrassed and ashamed for what white people have done to black people” after Manchester City showed their support for Black Lives Matter before their game against Arsenal.

The entire City and Arsenal squads and coaching staff took a knee ahead of the match, while surnames on the back of shirts were replaced with the words ‘Black Lives Matter’.

Speaking after the game, Guardiola told Sky Sports: “We should send a thousand million messages for black people, it’s more than four centuries, four hundred years, to do what we do to these lovely people. I am embarrassed and ashamed for what white people have done to black people.

Just because you are born a different colour of skin, how do people think they are different to the other one? All the gestures are good and positive but you have to do it with facts and hopefully – it’s not going to solve things in a few days – but everything we can do to make conscious that this is unacceptable.

“In the 21st century this is still happening, not just in the USA, all around the world. We have to do a lot of things for black people that we have not done so far.”

Manchester City won the game 3-0 thanks to goals from Raheem Sterling, Kevin De Bruyne and Phil Foden.

Asked about City’s decision to kneel, Sterling said: “I just see it as a massive step for the Premier League to allow something like that to happen. It shows we’re going in the right direction, little by little we’re seeing change, that’s what we’re looking for, not just black players, most of the country.

“It’s evolved naturally, organically, we’ve seen other teams do it, in the earlier kick-off

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