Playstation5 : All we need to know about the Controller, the spec.

Sony on Wednesday revealed new details about the upcoming PlayStation5. The next-gen video game console is set for a holiday 2020 release, and Sony reportedly says that schedule won’t be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

In a nearly hour-long presentation, Sony detailed the PS5’s architecture. Powering Sony’s new system are a CPU and GPU both made by AMD, along with an 825GB SSD.

The PS5 will also have these specs:

  • 8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5GHz
  • 10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CUs at 2.23GHz (custom-made by AMD)
  • 16GB GDDR6/256-bit
  • Custom 825GB SSD

Playstation5 : All we need to know about the Controller, the spec.

Before the start of the presentation, Eurogamer reported the official specs of the console.

Microsoft revealed the specs for its Xbox Series X on Monday. The two new consoles will have similar hardware, including the AMD-made CPUs and GPUs and the solid-state drives.

Sony began streaming its PS5 reveal at 9 a.m. PT. System lead architect Mark Cerny started the presentation by explaining the three principles behind the hardware design of the PS5: listening to developers, balancing evolution and revolution, and finding new dreams.


He then began talking about the time it takes for developers to make full use of a new console’s power, which he called “dead time.” He showed the previous PlayStation consoles varying on this time period, with the PS2 taking three to six months while the PS3 was six to 12 months. For the PS4 it was one month, and he says the PS5 will be less than that.

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The PS5 SSD will also help when it comes to RAM. With the PS4, some of the game data would be stored in RAM in lieu of grabbing it from the hard drive in order to access it more quickly. In the PS5, the SSD is almost as fast as RAM, so developers can simply retrieve game data from the SSD, freeing up more RAM.

There will be a bay in the PS5 for an additional SSD for those who need more storage, but the drives need to be capable of speed similar to what’s already available in the console. He says there will be a compatibility list provided by Sony, but it will come sometime after the PS5 launch.



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