Records Lionel Messi has broken in 2019

With just few days left in the year 2019, Lionel Messi has broken a lot of records, and he is still not okay yet, as he is looking forward to break more record before 2019 comes to an end. The Argentine star won’t stop to amazed his fans, despite the fact that he suffered injury this year, but the ‘god of football’ as fondly call managed to break some records. compiled some of the records lionel Messi has broken this year.

  • 50+ Penalties

Lionel Messi has broken the record of 50+ penalty goals in La Liga, only 3 players have reached 50 goals in La Liga, Hugo Sanchez and Cristiano Ronaldo are the other players in the list, Messi now has 54 penalty goals in La Liga, just 2 goals behind Cristiano Ronaldo who has 56 and 6 goals behind Hugo Sanchez who has 60 penalty goals.



Lionel Messi has reached 400 League goals in the history of La Liga, he scored his 400th league goal against Eibar, no one has been able to reach that Landmark. This shows that the Barcelona Star is an outstanding player.


  • Highest goal scorer

It is almost impossible to see another player who would go on to be as consistent as the Argentine has been over the last ten years. Such has been his dominance that he has scored 20 or more league goals for the 11th season running. There is no player that has collected the highest goal scorer more than messi.

He started breaking his own record back to the time when he had long hair, Back in 2008-09, Messi had just begun introducing himself to the world but now, he is the greatest of all time.


  • Most goal scored in EL Classico

Lionel Messi makes history, he cemented his feet in the history book, he always performs very well when playing with his rival.

Lionel Messi broke the long term record of Alfredo Di Stefano’s record for most goals scored in El Clasico.


  • Most goals from outside the box

Lionel Messi though may not have a powerful shot, compared to Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo, but he does have the skills and ability to always score from outside the box.

He has scored 6 goals from outside the box – more than any other player in Europe’s top five leagues this season.

  • Most stadium scored in

Barcelona’s 2-0 win against Girona at the Estadi Montilivi, Messi scored to make the stadium his 36th hunting ground in the process. Thirty-six!

Although this record is nothing to Lionel Messi, because he believes he can do more, so he doesn’t see it as something special.

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