Son Cried as Everton Andre Gomez Suffered Horrific Injury

Everton’s Andre Gomes suffered a horriffic. His right ankle was dislocated  and will have surgery on Monday.

A frustrated Son Heung-min of Spurs was sent off in the 79th minute for his tackle on the Portuguese midfielder.

Tosun said Everton players “nearly cried” in the dressing room after.

“You win, you draw, you lose but all that doesn’t matter when something like this happens,” Tosun wrote on Instagram.

“I wish I didn’t score, I wish we lost 0-5 and this didn’t happen. I know you will come back stronger bro and we will be there for you.”

“Everybody is sad inside. Some players, they nearly cried,” said substitute Tosun, who had been on the pitch 10 minutes when the incident happened.

“He was in shock; his eyes were open so big. He was like crying, shouting and screaming.

“I just tried to hold him and speak to him. I tried to tell him to stay calm. We couldn’t understand him.”

The Match ended 1-1 .

“This is horrible, horrible,” said the Scot. “The players look devastated and there is utter confusion here. Players with their heads in their hands.

“Son deliberately tackles Gomes, but he does not cause that [the injury]. He is catapulted from that challenge on to Aurier. To blame Son and to say he did that deliberately is 100% wrong. Son is not like that; he is not that kind of guy.

“He does not deserve the treatment he is going to get on social media. He is devastated – he was the cause, but it was not his fault. It’s just one of those things that happens in football.”

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