South Africa Female Football Team Bayana Bayana to earn same salary with their Male Counterparts

The Bayana Bayana will receive the same

salary as their male counterparts as they are

heading to the world cup.



Last year they qualified for their first ever

female world cup, the whole of South

Africans were happy about the success of the



In order to motivate them , some people

think they should earn higher over their male



This will change as for the first time ever the

female team and the make team will earn the

same salary as they will both be heading to

FIFA women’s world cup in France and

AFCON 2019 in Egypt respectively.


SAFA president Danny Jordan said on

Thursday the country is very happy ,and that

it will go a long way to close the gap between

female and male football in the country.


According to Time Live, the players will

receive R320‚000 ($22,000) each if their

teams make it to the Last 16 stage of the

World Cup in France and the Afcon finals in

Egypt, R520‚000 ($36,000) of they are to

reach the quarter-finals‚ R670‚000 ($46,500)

for the semi-finals and R920‚000 ($64,00) if

they win their tournaments.


The football lovers in the country are

celebrating the news ,while some even

debated that female deserves to get higher

pay compare to their male counterparts due

to their overall performance recently.

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