Surprising Facts that people dont know about the FIFA world cup

Yea, I am sure you are wondering and thinking about those facts already, you might be a football fan for years, and also even follow the football world for years and still not know this facts about the FIFA world cup.

SportyLeagues compiles these interesting facts;

Here’s some interesting World Cup trivia…(in my opinion anyway, as a World Cup nerd!):

1. Every manager to win the World Cup has            been from the same country as his team.            George Raynor of England was the first              coach to take a team that wasn’t his own             country to a final (Sweden 1958)

2. On 4th February 1973 Zaire played a                   World Cup qualifier in Cameroon, and won       1–0, on their way to making history as the          qualifying as the first sub Saharan African         team to play at a World Cup. What also               happened that day was another huge step         for Africa at the World Cup… Roger Milla           came off the bench for his debut for                       Cameroon. A massive 21 years later he               scored at the 1994 World Cup vs Russia!           He’s still the oldest ever World Cup scorer.

3. Virtually every major website, including              FIFA, states Germany has won 4 World              Cups, usually noting in brackets that 3                  were won as West Germany. Yet no one              ever questions this… given two German              sides played World Cups between 1954              and 1986, surely a unified nation cannot            just choose the history it wants? If East               Germany had won the World Cup in 1978,        for example, would unified Germany now         claim 5 World Cups?!

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