Teams With The Highest UEFA Champions League Title In The Past Decade [2010 – 2020].

The UEFA Champions League is the highest and most competitive European club competition. It is organized and controlled by the Union Of European Football Association. The competition is played every season with a winner emerging per edition. In the past decade, less than ten European football club has won the title due to back to back winnings of some clubs.

Teams with the highest amount of UEFA Champions League title in the past decade are as follows:


6. Chelsea – 1 Title.

The past decade has been the most successful of the club history, they have won more titles than any other English club. The Blues have won the UEFA Champions League title only once and it was in the 2011/12 campaign.

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5. Inter Milan – 1 Title.

Inter Milan are one of the strongest Italian sides who have been successful in the UEFA Champions League in previous years. They are a three time winner of the UEFA top flight competition with their most recent truimph coming in the past decade. The Nerazzurri won their third and last UEFA Champions League title in 2009/2010.

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4. Liverpool – 1 Title.

Liverpool have had a successful history in this competition, they are among the most successful football clubs in the competition winning the title on six different occasions. The Reds are the defending champions of the English Premier League. Previously, the finished two finals of the UEFA Champions League but was defeated in one and won the other in the 2018/19 campaign.

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3. Bayern Munich – 2 Titles.

Bayern Munich are the current defending champions of the UEFA Champions Lqague and also the UEFA Super Cup. They are ranked first in the UEFA Club Coefficient rankings. The Bavarians are a six time winner of the UEFA Champions League. They joined the teams who have won the Continental treble last season after they won the Bundesliga title, the DFB Pokal Cup and the UEFA Champions League. They are the third best team in the competition.

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2. Barcelona – 2 Titles.

Barcelona are the second most successful Spanish football club in the competition behind their rivals Real Madrid. The Catalans have dominated Spain for a long time now winning majority of the domestic titles year in year out. They are the first Spanish club to win the Continental treble which consist of the La Liga title, Copa Del Rey and UEFA Champions League title. Barcelona has won a total five UEFA Champions League titles with the recent two in the past decade.

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1. Real Madrid – 4 Titles.

Real Madrid are the most successful football club in the history of the UEFA Champions League. They dominated the UEFA Champions League for four different editions, they have won the title the most times in the past decade with three coming consecutively from 2016 to 2018. The White Powerhouse have always being a major force in the Champions League since the 1990s where they won five consecutive titles. They are ranked third in the UEFA Club Coefficient rankings. Real Madrid have won four UEFA Champions League in the past ten years, they won the titles in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

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