Teams With The Highest UEFA Europa League Title In The Past Decade [2010 – 2020].

The UEFA Europa League is the second tier of the European competitions organized by the Union Of European Football Association. It is contested by a total of 160 European club from the beginning to the end. The winner of the UEFA Europa League is eventually eligible to play the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Super Cup the upcoming campaign. In previous years, less than five European teams have won competition due to consecutive winnings of some teams. Spanish clubs are the most successful teams in the competition.
Teams with the highest UEFA Europa League title in the past ten years will follow immediately after this text.

5. FC Porto – 1 Title.

FC Porto are the second most decorated Portuguese football club, they are the first Portuguese club to win the continental treble consisting of their domestic league, domestic cup and European titles. In the International scene, FCP are the most successful club coming from Portugal. Their last European truimph was the UEFA Europa league which they won in 2011, they are a two time winner of the UEFA Second tier competition.

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4. Manchester United – 1 Title.

Manchester United are a historic English football club, they have dominated both domestic and international scene in the past which makes them the all time most successful English football club. The Red Devils are the second most successful English club in the UEFA Europa League over the previous ten years, they have only one of the UEFA Second tier competition title in their cabinet if which that won in 2017.

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3. Chelsea – 2 Titles.

Chelsea are the most decorated and successful English football club in the past decade, they have more trophies and success rate than any other English side. The Blues have dominated the international scene than any other English club in the past ten years. Chelsea have won the UEFA Europa League twice in their history and the two were in the past decade exactly 2013 and 2019.

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2. Atletico Madrid – 3 Titles.

Atletico Madrid are the second most successful Spanish football club in the competition. In overall performance, they are the third most successful Spanish football club behind Barcelona and Real Madrid. The Red and Whites have established themselves as one of the powerhouse in the European and domestic competition which is also part of the reason why they are the third most supported Spanish football club. Atletico has won the UEFA Europa League on three different occasions in their history and all are in the past decade, they won the titles in 2010, 2012 and 2018.

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1. Sevilla – 4 Titles.

In European competitions, Sevilla are one of the successful clubs. They are the highest winners of the UEFA Europa League in history and also in the last ten years. Most of Sevilla’s Europa League triumph were achieved in the past decade, they are the current defending champions of UEFA Europa League. The Spanish club has won a record six UEFA Europa League titles with majority of the title wins coming in the past decade. They won the four most recent titles in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2020.

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