Tennis Stars & Their Religion

Tennis Stars & Their Religion

Religion, since time immemorial, has always been human beings’ chain of communication or intercession to a deity or supernatural beings which they believe in through sacrifice or supplications.

That said, regardless of names, culture, and heritage human beings choose their path when they get to a position where they feel they could make decisions for themselves in choosing a religion of their choice.

As such, that also applies to our favorite athletes especially tennis stars who are playing at the highest level whose fans don’t know much about their faith or belief.

Sportyleagues we’ll chronicle some of the world tennis stars and their religion.

Serena Williams – (USA, Jehovah’s Witness)

Tennis Stars & Their Religion

Serena is no doubt a legendary tennis player with a lot of titles to show in her illustrious tennis career.
The American may have lost her winning mentality in recent years which has eluded her in equaling Margaret Court’s 24 major titles, which has been evident in her recent losses to her opponents with Naomi Osaka being the recent opponent she lost to in the semi-final at the Australian Open.

Serena has now played 11 Grand Slam events since winning her 23rd major title at the 2017 Australian Open, and in all of that 11 Grand Slam events, she has fallen short of winning any of them to equal Courts 24 major titles. However, despite not winning any title recently in the WTA events that don’t take anything away from the legendary Serena.

Aside from being a very good tennis star on the court, the American is also a well-grounded Christian, from a ‘Jehovah’s Witness” background. As a tennis star and a celebrity who enjoys the fame, glamour, and encomium of being a celebrity Serena didn’t let that get in the way of her belief or religion as a Christian from the Jehovah’s Witness dispensation.

The American often shows her religious nature on the court while playing or during acceptance speeches, and according to her where she said she admits to praying. “All the time I pray during matches, but she doesn’t ask for divine intervention”. “I don’t pray to win” the American also said her spiritual life has protected her from the negative side of fame and success.

Novak Djokovic – (Serbia, Serbian Orthodox Christian)

Tennis Stars & Their Religion

Djokovic burst into the scene in an era where the dominance of Federer and Nadal was quite evident in the world of tennis.

Surprisingly the Serbian broke the duopoly of both the Swiss and the Spaniard at the highest level of tennis and went on to ruffle shoulders with the best tennis stars, with quite a number of titles to show for even as it stands with his form Serbia looks like a player that might dominate the scene for long should Nadal and Federer retire.

Djokovic will no doubt be remembered as one of the greatest tennis stars to ever grace the court, but the question you would ask as a fan of the Serbian is that what religion does he practice as a superstar? The Australian Open Champion previously described himself as an “Orthodox Christian” but a less religious person than a person of faith”.

Novak may not be religious in his dressing or utterances as a Christian, but he so much has belief in his faith and that has been evident in his matches on the court, where he carries a wooden cross at all times on the court.

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Simona Halep – (Romania, Romanian Orthodox Christian)

Tennis Stars & their Religion

Romania Simona Halep who has a girl next door look is no doubt one of the likable tennis stars who has often proved herself as one of the best in the tennis world with her consistent performances in the Slams and WTA Tours.

The Constanta born isn’t just a likable player on the court, but also a dedicated Christian who described religion as an important thing in her life. “I believe in God, and you know I don’t go to the church every week, but I believe in him, and I have some icons with me and I believe in them”.

Since Halep burst to the scene at the start of 2014, her meteoric rise in the world of tennis make her rank amongst the well-respected player with her compact groundstroke swings and her backhand on the court, which has won her two Grand Slams in 2018 and 2019.

The Romanian has been so consistent with her game that she has never been ranked outside the top 10 in the WTA rankings, with a total of 22 career titles to show for her consistency on the court.

Dominic Thiem – (Austria, Catholic Christian)
Tennis Stars & Their Religion

Whilst Thiem’s career as a tennis player has changed from just a mere player to a Grand Slam winner at the US Open in 2020 when he defeated Alexander Zverev in a five-set final to become the first Austrian to win a major singles title since Thomas Muster in 1995.

One thing that remains the same about the Austrian is his religion, the Austrian is a Catholic Christian who understood how sacred baptism is in the Christian world. He also has in-depth knowledge about the fact that baptism is a joyful moment that is laden with a profound level of significance that is meant to endure and grow in the course of time for a Christian.

The world number 4 in the ATP rankings career continue to grow from strength to strength with his dedication and consistency on the court, though his prayers and deep knowledge about his religion may not have won him quite a number of titles, as a true believer of his religion, it is safe to say his consistency, dedication, hard work, and prayers won him his first Grand Slam in 2020 plus winning Austrian Sportsman of the year for the fourth time in the same year.

Marat Safin – (Russia, Muslim)
Tennis Stars & Their Religion

The retired Russian tennis star is one of the very outspoken players that ever grace the court with his talent, Safin is also known for his hot-tempered attitude even as the Russian never joke with his belief as a Muslim because he was born and raised as a Muslim.

Safin was a former number 1 who also won a couple of Grand Slams and also has the record for breaking racquet while on the court during his active days. After retiring as a tennis player and a former number 1, the hot-tempered Safin now serves as a member of the Russian parliament in his country.

The retired Russian also has his tennis career linked to his family, specifically his parents who are also former tennis players and coaches even his younger sister is a former tennis star and silver medalist at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Safin confirmed his religion as Muslim in 2008 in an interview stating, “I’m Russian, but I’m 100% Muslim all Muslim people are passionate, stubborn and we have hot blood”.

Honorable Mention

Juan Martin Del Potro – (Argentina, Christian)

Marin Cilic – (Croatia, Catholic Christian)

Naomi Osaka – (Japan, Christian)

Ons Jabeur – (Tunisia, Muslim)

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