These 5 rules are football’s strangest laws, and while they are official, they are rarely needed.

SportyLeagues takes a look at the strangest rules in football;


1. NOT AN OWN GOAL:  An own goal can’t be scored from a free kick or a goal kick, it instead becomes a corner for the opposition team, its the same principle if a team puts a corner into their own goal. This rule is in place to avoid problems with “Strong winds”.


2. 22 PLAYERS AND MORE: Here the text is very clear “the referee can award a goal ” if something or someone (other than a player or spectator) touches the ball and it’s entering the goal”. Provided the thing or person didn’t directly disturb the defenders.

This “thing” is not defined in the laws of the Games and leaves it all to the imagination. It could be object or an animal. It’s even stranger when you look at things closely, because if a player throws their shin-guard to stop a goal, they concede a penalty. The object is considered to be an extension of the hand”.


3. AN UNPUNISHED KILLER: This quite surprising but the text is clear. “If multiple fouls are committed at the same time, the most serious one is punished”. So a heavy tackle can go unpunished if there is an even worse one on the tackling player.


4. A SMACK? AS LONG AS IT’S GENTLE! : The laws ” tolerate” blows to the hand or face,provided an appropriate level of force is used. Otherwise it’s a straight-red. A gentle stroke yes, a punch not so much.


5. THE FORBIDDEN TOUCH: On an indirect free kick, the first touch is the only action, which is forbidden from directly being a goal. The first touch is a separate action, because you can’t be called off-side in the opposition’s half.


There are so many crazy rules which make football so unique.

Quirks which ultimately add to the sport’s charm.


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