The Best 5 Male Tennis Coaches From 2010-2021

Tennis coaches primary responsibilities is guiding a player’s development through impeccable technique analysis and accurate scrutiny on the practice court.

While tennis players are undoubtedly the main actor in a tennis tournaments, WTA Tour, ATP Tour, or the Grand Slams. There’s also one critical ingredient in a player development and success, which many do not recognize or talk about which is the coach.

At the Tour or Grand Slam level, the mental and physical challenges that comes with playing tennis are quite numerous. As such a tennis player needs a competent coach that would play the role of a tactician, mentor, confidant, psychologist, and above all a friend, with that a player with such coach his guarantee success in his career.

The Best 5 Male Tennis Coaches From 2010-2021;

Marian Vejda – (Slovakia)

The Best 5 Male Tennis Coaches From 2010-2021

Great players don’t necessarily make a good coach, however in Vejda’s case i don’t think this statement applies to the 55 year old Slovakian. Vejda is no doubt a successful player in his own right, who earned himself a career high ranking 34 in singles and also won 2 titles before he retired.

A top coach takes a player that is struggling or not well recognize despite possessing amazing talent and potential and take him to the top where he hasn’t been able to reach himself.

In that sense the Slovakian Vejda is one of kind coaches around that possess such qualities, and wherever you see Novak playing on the court, there is a certain Vejda around in the box watching over his player.

Vejda is no other person’s coach than the Serbian himself Novak Djokovic, over the years his partnership with Novak has been a very successful one over his entire professional tennis career, winning 77 titles together out of the 78 won by Djokovic.

No wonder the Slovakian his the most successful coach in the history of tennis in terms of Grand Slam titles, winning a total of 17 Grand Slam titles with the Serbian.

For his mouthwatering achievement with Novak Djokovic and been a top level coach, Vejda won the award for the “Best Coach” from the Olympic Committee of Serbia in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

In 2018, he was also recognized for been a fantastic coach by winning the “ATP Coach Of The Year Award”.

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Toni Nadal – (Spain)

The Best 5 Male Tennis Coaches From 2010-2021

One undisputed criteria a competent and well skilled coach must possess, is the ability to bring their player to the very top of their game. By winning what should be won in a tennis court, either in the ATP Tour or the Grand Slam.

Undoubtedly if we’re talking about a coach who has got himself all of these qualities, his no other than the Spanish tactician, mentor, and a friend Toni Nadal.

Uncle Toni, didn’t just rank second on our list for nothing, he’s been a fantastic coach on the tennis box over the years that every youngster would like to have him as their coach.

Toni also played tennis at the age of 14, he was a Junior Champion of Balearic Islands during his teenage tennis career.

Although as a pro he wasn’t as successful as that of his nephew Rafeal Nadal, but he was able to bring out the best in Rafael Nadal as a coach.

With 16 Grand Slam titles won by his nephew having been a coach of his since the age of three, Uncle Toni is rank the second most successful tennis coach in history with a partnership that spanned a whopping 27 years.

Toni Nadal may not be the coach of his nephew anymore, however that doesn’t take anything away from his greatness and impeccable ability in tutoring young tennis player that would like to work with the Spaniard.

He is still regarded as one of the best tennis coaches around the world.

Patrick Mouratoglou – (France)

The Best 5 Male Tennis Coaches From 2010-2021

The French tennis coach his well renowned for his antecedent as a good coach, he founded the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy (MTA) in 1996 near Paris, but was later moved to the outskirts of Nice in France.

Mouratoglou has coached many professional tennis players, including the most successful of his charges Serena Williams, Marcos Baghdatis whom he coached to the 2006 Australian Open final, Julia Vakulenko, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, Aravane Rezei, Grigor Dimitrov among others.

Still top on his coaching list are, Serena Williams arguably the best female tennis player ever, Stafeno Tsitsipas and the young American Coco Gauff.

Mouratoglou started working solely with Serena in 2012 and since then the duo have achieved a mouthwatering level of success.

In 2018 he started working as the coach of both Gauff and Tsitsipas, since then the American new Serena and the Greek has experienced a great rise in their tennis careers.

With Tsitsipas breaking into the top ten ranked players in 2019 and Gauff doing the unthinkable in tennis tournaments with the big wings.

As a professional tennis coach, he has won 31 singles titles and 4 doubles titles, a great achievement that shows how brilliant and good a coach he his.

With the youngster Coco Gauff and Tsitsipas under his tutelage, we should expect a great achievement from both players but then it’s left to be seen how things would pan out in the end.

Ivan Lendl – (Czech American)

The Best 5 Male Tennis Coaches From 2010-2021

The statement that a great player don’t necessarily make a great coach, sometimes isn’t always right.
The 60 year old Czech American coach had an illustrious tennis career as a professional player, racking up 8 Grand Slams “Two Australian Opens, Three US Open, and three French Opens”, plus 94 career single titles.

He was also World Number 1 for 270 weeks in 1983 and had an 81% career winning percentage as a professional player.

Lendl was also impeccable at the Wimbledon in 1986 and 1987 where he finished runners up respectively and in total he finished runners up a record 11 times in his illustrious career.

As a coach Lendl was quite synonymous with players like Andy Murray and Alexander Zverev.

In 2011 the Czech American was appointed as the coach of Murray, he was appointed to improve the maturity and consistency of the Briton which he did by guiding him to his first two Grand Slam triumph at the 2012 US Open and 2013 Wimbledon Championship.

In 2014 both parties announced that their two years coaching partnership will come to an end, surprisingly in 2016 Lendl rejoined Murray’s coaching team, and at the end of year the Briton became the World Number 1 having won his second Wimbledon title, which was his third major Championship overall couple with other titles.

Lendl also worked with Zverev before they split in 2019 due to Zverev’s disappointing results in 2019 and personal differences, although he clinched an ATP Tour final title with the German.

Despite all of that, the Czech American his no doubt one of the best tennis coaches around, no wonder he makes this list.

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Darren Cahill – (Australia)

The Best 5 Male Tennis Coaches From 2010-2021

The Australian may not have enjoyed a successful career he would have wished for, but he was able to enjoy a great success as a coach.

Since Cahill retired from the tour he has been a successful tennis coach, having guided the likes of Lleyton Hewitt to becoming the youngest player ever ranked “World Number 1”.

Cahill was also very instrumental in Andre Agassi’s illustrious tennis career, whom under the tutelage of the Australian he became the oldest player ever to be ranked “World Number 1” in 1995.

Other notable players he also managed include Andy Murray, Ana Ivanovich, Fernando Verdasco, Daniela Hantuchova, Sorana Cirstea, and Simona Halep.

In 2017-18, Cahill’s versatility and understanding as a coach helped the extremely talented but mentally fragile Simona Halep breakthrough, which cumulated into her winning a Grand Slam in 2018 and became World Number 1 during a year tenure with the Romanian tennis star.

After a year away from Halep, he rejoined the Romanian in 2020. With the successful and brilliant partnership they had together in their first meeting, this second meeting should birth another amazing success for both parties, however it’s left to be seen if their new partnership would bring forth success again.

He his no doubt one of the best tennis coaches around, no wonder he makes this list.

Honorable Mention

Sacha Bajin – (Germany)

Bajin was the WTA Coach of the year in 2018, after coaching Naomi Osaka to the 2018 US Open title.

Magnus Norman – (Sweden)

Norman has managed Thomas Johansson, Robin Soderling, and his current player Stan Wawrinka.

As a coach he has won 15 singles titles, and won a personal award in 2016 as the ATP Coach of the year.

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