The Four Serie A Teams That Made Profit Over The Past Decade [2010 – 2020].

According to information gathered from trusted sources, only four Serie A clubs were able to make a profit totally in the past ten years. In the past period of ten years, just four clubs in the Italian top flight league were able to make a profit other than loss, meaning the sixteen remaining clubs ran at a loss in the past decade. The list might feature some powerhouse in Italy but I assure you that most of the wealthiest football clubs in the top flight league ran at a loss.

The following four teams are the only Serie A clubs who ran at a profit in the last ten years after calculation and balancing have taken place. I bet you will not get the team that sits in the first spot, keep on reading and get enlightened.

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4. Sassuolo –

Ever since the 2013/14 season of which Sassuolo earned promotion to the Italian Serie A, they have formed a team that is competing for titles year in year out. They are the fourth Italian club to earn more than it lost in the range of the past ten years. The Black and Greens made the profit because of their consistent profit made five years consecutively. Despite their loss in the past two seasons they still retain the spot among the Italian clubs who made profit over the past decade. Sassuolo ran at a profit of 1.6 million euros.

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3. Crotone –

Crotone is one of the smallest and least expected football club to make the list. They were in the lower leagues of Italy mostly in the past decade, this might and is the reason behind their big profit. The Shark of Calabria are the least expected football club to make a profit, they ran at a estimated profit of 3.5 million euros.

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2. Atalanta –

Atalanta were a successful and competing side in the past the same way they are now. They gained promotion back to the Serie A after the completion of the 2010/11 campaign and have not relegated ever since. The Black and Blues are the most consistent football club based in Italy that is not from a regional camp which earned them the nickname “Queen Of The Provincial Clubs”. They are the second Italian club to run at a profit in the previous ten years. Part of their revenue was gathered due to their qualifications for the UEFA Champions League in 2018 and 2019. They ran at a profit of 58.1 million euros in the past ten years.

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1. Napoli –

Napoli are by far the only Italian club to run at a massive profit in the past decade. In 2017/18, they were the fifth highest earning Serie A football club with 182 million dollars in revenue and was also estimated as the fifth most valuable Italian football club with a worth of 379 million dollars. Out of the ten financial years, they ran at a loss in just three years meaning the profit rate in the past ten years is more than their loss rate. In the past decade, the Parthenopeans made a profit of 132.2 million euros, a difference of 74.1 million from the second place.

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