The Iconic Stadium San Siro to be demolished

President of AC Milan Paolo Scaroni confirms the demolition of the Iconic stadium.

He said in a news Conference ” We’re Making a New stadium near the old one, San Siro will be taken down and there will be new structures in its place.

The Two giants Milan, Inter Milan and AC Milan has agreed to build a new £630m venue to replace San siro.

San Siro is 94 years old, and it has been going through a lot of renovations since then to sustain the iconic stadium.

The new stadium which is yet to get a name, will be built just few meters away from San-siro and it includes 5000 seater and shopping complex.

Nerazzurri chief-executive Alessandro Antonello said: “We’ve been working on this project with Milan and we believe that a stadium we both own would be crucial for the our growth.

“Inter and Milan have been working on the San Siro project for several months now. We still have work to do, but the time is ripe.

Soon we’ll inform the city council of what choice the two clubs have made. The city of Milan needs a stadium on par with those of the biggest cities in Europe.”

The stadium was originally owned by AC Milan since it was built in 1926, before Inter Milan joined in 1947.

The stadium has hosted four European Cup finals, as well as six matches during the 1990 FIFA World Cup. 


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