The Meaning Of Messi’s Tattoos

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The Meaning Of Messi’s Tattoos. Messi took inspiration from his teammate Dani Alves who is known for his full body tats.

However, some tattoos on his body are quite distinctive from others in terms of meaning and appearance on his body.

lionel messi kissing lip tattoo

The Blaugrana legend was so afraid of the pain that comes with tattooing his body. But it’s now obvious that the fear disappeared right after his first tattoo, which was after he had asked his wife Antonella to try first.

As clear from the title, we will explain Messi’s tattoos and their meanings in this piece. If you’re a lover of the most educated left footballer, get ready to know the meanings of each inklings on Messi’s body.

  1. Mother’s Portrait (Left Side of The Back)

lionel messi mothers tattoo

This is definitely one of the greatest tributes any tattoo lover could pay to his/her mother, it is the first tattoo to be inked on Messi.

He feels very close to his mother and the fact that Celia have helped Messi tremendously in achieving his goals makes the decision to have her portrait on his back worthwhile.

Messi kick-started his Leo Messi foundation in 2007, this is in a bid to help the less privileged and is been run by his mother and Brother, Matias.

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2. Thiago’s Name and Hands (Left Calf)

lionel messi thiagos tatto

This depicts the joy of becoming a father for the very first time. The joy was so much that Messi didn’t show up at the training just to be with his wife to welcome Thiago.

He actually became a father on November 2, 2012 and had the hands of his newborn son commemorated on his left calf. Shortly afterwards, he added the baby’s name.

3. A Football (Left Leg)

lionel messi football tattoo

Messi is the kind of person who dedicates everything to passion and takes cognizance of every significance thing in whatever that happens to him.

Just like the name of his son is inked on his left calf and his strong feet, his unconditional love for football became glaring when he decided to ink the round leather game on the same leg a couple of years after Thiago’s arrival. How passionate!

The Meaning Of Messi’s Tattoos.

4. Jesus Christ (Right Arm)

lionel messis jesus tattoo

Lionel Messi was raised in a Catholic family – this is because 92% of Argentines are Catholics. As such, Messi is a dedicated Christianity and an ardent lover and believer of Jesus Christ.

Messi was once quoted to have said if Argentina won the 2018 World Cup, he would walk through the path of his home in Rosario to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas which is around 31 miles as a sign of gratitude to Jesus.

Hence his decision to picture the face of Jesus with the Crown of Thorns on his right arm. The Meaning Of Messi’s Tattoos are so significant to his nature and things around him.

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6. Matteo (Right Arm)

lionel messi matteo tattoo

This doesn’t need much interpretation, it’s a name of his second son. However, knowing that he’s already inked the name of his first child on his leg, the decision to have Matteo’s name on his right arm became necessary.

Hopefully, his third son’s name (Ciro) would be inked on his back soon.

7. Kissing Lips (Behind His Waistline)

lionel messi kissing lip tattoo

Kissing lips is undoubtedly the symbol of love for his wife, Antonella. And also signifies the love which leads to reproduction. The kissing lips signifies the major reason why his love for his wife and three kids can never fade   away. No wonder Lionel Messi always show them off, either on the pitch and off pitch.

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